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Spotlight: You and I’ll Fly Away

Stellar Factory finally uploaded their first PV and this one is a doosey. Their first finished PV is “You and I’ll Fly Away” by our very own Kodakami! This is a stellar start for Stellar Factory and hopefully we will see more collabs like this soon!

Not only is this a completely animated PV, but it also features a completely remastered version of the song. It features a revised and re-EQed version of the vocal track made for the PV. If you missed the original version of this song, and the great art by Myst check out it out here.

Spotlight: Ice Sculptures

Time for a new Engloids.Info Video Spotlight!

Yesterday, Baggagelizard uploaded the song that showed me how poorly I’ve been using Oliver in my own works. From its subtle ambiance, to its determined drive, this song delivers more than it promises. I’ve heard quite a few VOCALOID originals that try to achieve this feel, but aren’t able to nail down that difficult combination of melancholy and drive.

In the end, the best way to describe it would be to just say, “watch the video above!”.

Spotlight: Fireflies (Cover)

It seems whenever I am looking to spotlight new video to spotlight Vortex11316 always leaves a Prima present in my inbox.

I am sure we have all seen Fireflies covers before but none quite like this. With its stunning PV, original remixed backing track, and some re-sequenced vocals this is unlike any Fireflies cover I have seen. Prima’s sweeping voice combined with the sweeping NASA visuals paint a really awe inspiring picture.

I wanted it to sound like how a more traditional band might play it, so I changed the instruments from synthesizers to piano, drums, and bass, but kept the string section to fill it out. There are a lot of words and it was a struggle to find the best phonemes and accents for Vocaloid pronunciation. There are still a few odd spots in her voice.

For the video, I thought the lyrics inspired a connection between fireflies and stars, so the video showcases stars, constellations, the zodiac, and a trip around the Earth and through the solar system thanks to NASA images and video clips.

A production note: The background star field is one continuous camera move over a 4000×4000 pixel real star field image. The Earth orbit time-lapse videos were created from the original HD still image sequences available on

Thank you Vortex11316 for emailing me. You know what I love myself a powerful Prima performance and you never fail to deliver be it an original or a cover with a twist.

If you have an original that you like or are a producer who would like to share something with our audience my contact details are on the staff page.

Spotlight: Morning Light

I have been looking for a Prima original to spotlight for a while and imagine my surprise I found this gem by Vortex11316 in my inbox.

He is Vocaloid newcomer with this being first official release. Don’t underestimate him either, he is an experienced amateur musician with roots in garage bands dating back to the 70s.

Vortex’s Morning Light is has a New Age atmosphere with a 90s Pop hook. Aside from the Vocaloid vocals it is very reminiscent of Space Music and has a beautiful NASA slideshow to match.

Thanks for the reply. It would be an honor to have it featured.

This is my first original song using a Vocaloid. It’s a pop-style tune using Prima. I tried to make her sound as young as I could since her voice might be a bit mature for this kind of tune. Since this was my first Vocaloid creation, I focused on learning pronunciation using alternate phonemes, attack, and decay, and left the expression curves fixed. I’ll work on more expressiveness on future songs. The video is a collage of images from the NASA images website. I’m not a professional musician, but I’ve been creating instrumental music in my home studio since the days of 4-track reel-to-reel. Since discovering Vocaloids a few months back, I’ve been able to start to add vocals to the creative mix. Thanks for listening and thanks to all the musicians who have posted all the great Vocaloid examples. All comments, critiques, and creative ideas welcomed.

Alesis Micron
Electric Guitar
Vocaloid2 Prima
Sony Acid Pro (audio)
Sony Vegas Pro (video)

The music is very atmospheric and contemplated and with the Vocaloid vocals it is reminiscent of Malcolm Brown (LyleMusic) whom we have interviewed in the past.

Spotlight: Fr@cture

When I found this classified under the Vocaloid “Crowning Music of Awesome” @ TvTropes I knew this just had to be our next feature.

Done in an Electronic style and marked by its driving beats, haunting vocals, clear rythm, and one hell of a catchy hook this song represents MsConstantine’s first real attempt an an Original Song. She is relativly new to making music, is looking to improve and is requesting some feedback/constructive criticism. Drop her a line on the video page or the various links at the end of the post.

Ok, so this was my first real attempt at an original song. I was going for a techno-ish feel, as that’s the genre I’m most comfortable starting out in. I tried to make a song that would fit Big Al’s vocal range well, so I hope it turned out ok. I’m completely new and untrained to actual music, so this was kind of a shot in the dark for me. I really want to improve and keep making music, so please tell me what areas I can improve in. Also, as you may have noticed, I’ve disabled the thumbs up and thumbs down on this because I really, really want feedback. If you hate it, please at least leave a comment to tell me why, and what I can do to fix it in the future. I really appreciate all constructive criticism, and I value your opinions, so please let me know what you think. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this! It really took a lot of work!


Here’s the MP3 if you want it:

Please post your version as a video response so that I can see it

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