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Spotlight: Headline Love

Our next spotlight is by none other than our own Koda-P.

After the recent Miku concert at AnimeExpo Koda worked a month straight complete this original featuring both Big Al and Sweet Ann.

It is quite different than your typical Vocaloid song and seems to carry a high-energy rush of paparazzi & breaking news with a pinch of that Hollywood magic thanks to Myst’s excellent art.

For a song with so much energy, the lyrics are quite grim. It tells the story of a woman who marries a man for his money but in the end it isn’t enough and she ends up robbing a bank and crashing to her death in a grim scene that is laced with irony.

Hello again, world! This is my newest original VOCALOID release, finally finished on the inspiration derrived from AX2011. Turn on Closed Captions for subs, and as always, thank you very much for listening! If you’d like to dub/cover/translate/reupload to Niconico, feel free to do so, just let me know with a YouTube message.

If you like what you hear, subscribe to me or anyone else who helped with this video. Credits below.

Song: Headline Love
Singers: Sweet Ann and Big Al
Music and Lyrics by: Koda-P/Kodakami (me)
Eight-bar guitar solo by: MaserBeam
Song Art by: Myst Saphyr

Song MP3:
Off-vocal MP3:

If you recognize that live guitar, that is because it is none other than MaserBeam who also made an appearance in ResoNation Collab’s Speechless.

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Spotlight: Centrifugal Cindi

Originally created for a song competition our next spotlight is brought to us by ChaoFreak. Uploaded recently to celebrate Sonika’s recent birthday this song shows that Vocaloid can span generations and is a collaboration between ChaosFreak, his dad, and his dad’s old band UHF.

Video Description:

So this was what I entered in the SONiKA song competition all the back to last year. It’s SONiKA’s birthday, so I thought that was a good excuse to actually put this up.

This was a collaboration between me and my dad’s old band, UHF.
The song was written by taxwielder
The instrumental and vocals were (programmed?) by me
Supervision and editing by my father, who does not have a youtube. :U

Pictures are sort of halfassed yet again. Realized it was her B-day late last night… Yup.

So happy birthday VOCALOID2 ZG-V5: SONiKA! I think next year, your parents should get you an ACT.2~

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Spotlight: Through the Night

Always on the lookout for new talent Engloid.Info’s second video spotlight is “Through by KarmaP (karmaka), a relative unknown in the Vocaloid world. With less than 900 total video views, 1 subscriber, and 90 video views on this weeks feature (at the time of posting) definitely check his channel out.

He has written English Originals using Sweet Ann as well as Luka Megurine’s EN voicebank. His music is very well composed, finding inspiration from much of Europe, despite hailing from Hong Kong. This song in particular is based of British Pop and has a driving piano line and silky smooth vocals.

Video Description:

English Britpop style original song featuring vocaloid Sweet Ann.
VST: Truepianos, MusicLab RealGuitar 2L, Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra, Spectrasonics Trilogy Bass, FXpansion BFD2 Drum

All rights of artwork reserved by original artists.

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Spotlight: [Miriam] Sunset

Our first Video Spotlight is from Puffihn who has just returned from a 5 month YouTube hiatus and once again shows her Engloid mastery with a very clear and powerful Miriam in his latest Vocaloid Original “Sunset”.


Yes, I am alive! First I would like to thank everyone who subscribed while I was gone. I would have liked to thank you all individually. Also thanks to people who checked up on me. I saw the messages so late that I was too afraid to respond… oh I am so terrible ; ;
Aw heck, thanks everyone! I love you all xD

No pretty picture because I was hurrying this one out the door. But here is an mp3 –

And here are those karaoke things that you’re all free to do whatever you want with! Have fun –