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Spotlight: All I Want

To celebrate the recent release of IA ENGLISH C we figured we would feature a CeVIO Original song by ruby-P. Congrats on being our first Video Spotlight in a long while. We thought your song was awesome enough, and CeVIO English’s release notable enough that we just had to Spotlight this as soon as we heard it.

Here is what ruby-p had to say about her latest work:

howdy howdy i funking love ia english and cevio!!!!!!!! it took me two days WITH HELP to correctly install ia……..its the most confusing thing in the world………but now i can help other people ^^; all in all ia english is the best $118 i’ve ever spent despite the disgustingly huge hassle….would recommend 10/10

If you like the song a high-quality version can be purchased via Bandcamp, where it is being published by ASDR and all proceeds are donated to a mental health research charity.

If you are an Engloid producer, and you would like to be featured on this site, contact us.

IA ENGLISH C for CeVIO Now Released

The long-anticipated English voice bank for IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- is now for sale. IA ENGLISH C for CeVIO is available in Natural and Powerful varieties and can be purchased at VectorPC’s online store, direct links below.

IA is voiced by the well-known singer of game theme songs and anison songs Lia and production of this English voice bank is said to have been overseen by Native English speakers. This is the first English product of the CeVIO series.

For more about IA please check out the links below.

[Official Product Page] [World Facebook Page] [CeVIO Creative Studio]

Official samples are embedded after the jump. Continue reading “IA ENGLISH C for CeVIO Now Released” »