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Anime Los Angeles 2012 Recap

Anime Los Angeles was a great convention for us here at Engloids.Info. We got to meet up for the first time IRL, shared pizza with some random people from VocaloidOtaku, got to hang out with Tempo-P of VocalektVisions for a night, and met fellow bloggers Henry & James from MissionStartPodcast.

Overall ALA is less hectic than AnimeExpo and other large conventions. Being a small Hotel Anime Convention lets it be very intimate and have many fan driven, fan focused, events. Beyond your usual anime, manga, and gaming focused events it also featured A TON of Vocaloid-related stuff. There were no less than 2 cosplay gatherings, a cosplay dance competition, a fan panel, and a ‘concert’ of sorts.

Vocalekt Visions, a collab group of western producers and their various support staff have been touring the country refining their technique and hosting impromptu ‘concerts’ at anime and Japanese media conventions. In his most recent event Koda-P was invited to take part as a ‘special guest’ and his Engloid original Headline Love feat. Sweet Ann & Big Al was shown on stage as part of the concert’s main event.

You can view my camcorder footage embedded or view the official concert video.

Beyond the concert footage I also have in-depth coverage of the Vocaloid panel “Vocaloid: The Fan Phenomenon” on VocaRant. In there I posted video of the panel, embedded the presentation slides, and shared my opinion on the topics discussed.

For more on the panel: Additional VocaRant Coverage
For more on VocalektVisions: VocaRant: Vocaloid Popularity Contest Official Collab Website
For more on Anime LA: MissionStartPodcast’s Coverage Official Convention Website

“Behind the Curtain” Project Launches

Behind the Curtain Project

A large-scale collaboration project is now underway between some of the top names in the Western VOCALOID community. Participants in project “Behind the Curtain” are working to create a series of new original songs designed to spread awareness of bullying and sexual harassment. The deadline, February 29th, known in Canada as Pink Shirt Day, is a day set aside to draw attention to the victims of bullying and other forms of harassment.

Organized by VOCALOID Community member Aelita via YouTube (YouTube channel “meganekkoAeli”), the invited participants have now moved to Skype and are well on the way to completion.

 “I’ve named the project ‘Behind the Curtain’. The curtain is a representation of the media and how they hide and even dehumanize social issues such as bullying and sexual abuse to the point where it becomes more of a literary tool than an actual issue. My intent with this project is to lift that curtain, by showing that such pain is REAL, and that it is one of THE MOST painful things one will experience.”

~Aelita, Project Organizer

Despite being a collaboration of VOCALOID fans, there is no requirement to use the software at all. The members are divided into two groups: Producers who write the music, and EVVs (English VOCALOID Vocalists, also called Utaites) who sing the music.  On the whole, the group has been organized into pairs; one Producer, and one EVV per team.

The list of participants has changed a bit since the project began and is likely to shift here and there, but here is the roster at this moment:

Producers Utaites (EVVs)
Vocalekt Visions
Hoshizora Project
Self-selected Vocalist
Self-selected Vocalist


Videos for the completed songs will be uploaded to the Producers’ YouTube Channels, with a compilation of previews on the project’s own channel, btcvocaloidproject. You can also find information about their progress on the group’s Twitter feed, btc_vocaloid.

Engloid Doujin Now Available Overseas!

The Engloid Dounin Anthology “いんぐろいど” is now available online with overseas shipping to North America, Oceania, UK, France and Germany through Alice-Books.com! Click the “English” button on the top right of the page to enable the site’s (mostly) English navigation/interface.

Be sure to read their Overseas Shipping Infopage carefully as it contains all the details on the order process, shipping charges, and general time frame before receiving your order.

You will need Paypal to make your payment and your international phone number handy.
For those of you in the US it should be in the following format: 010-1-[areacode]-[number]

We are not quite sure about how the entire process works as international orders are processed manually via AliceBooks but Staff Editor Myst [] [] [] has already begun her order process and we will post more details as they develop.

Update 1:
Myst’s order was processed and price after shipping was 1788 yen or approximately $24 after taxes and fees. That means each book weighs about 300g so you can use that and the handy dandy shipping chart as a base to find your best shipping option for your quantity and location.

[Alice-Books Listing] [Circle Mail Order Page]

Engloid Doujinshi to Be Available Online & Overseas

In a recent series of tweets project leader Tama went over his plans to sell the remainder of the books published online through their sales partner Alice-Books.

Alice-Books is one of the internet’s largest mail-order doujinshi distributors selling everything from doujin manga, indie games, to self published VOCALOID music. Beyond simply allowing people who missed VOC@LOID M@STER 17 to buy the book, this partnership will also allow overseas fans a chance at owning this book through Alice-Book’s international shipping options.

The system is not automated and you will have to send your payment via PayPal but if Tama’s deal with Alice-Books goes through Western Engloid fans will have their first shot at owning the world’s first Engloid-centeric doujin anthology.

For more information check out the Circle’s Mail Order Page under the “About Overseas shipping” headline for details as they develop.

Special thanks to staff member Myst for contributing to this report.

[Tama’s Twitter] [Circle Homepage] [Alice-Books ]

Engloid Doujinshi Anthology at THE VOC@LOID M@STER 17

Doujin Circle “いんぐろいど” is set to release an Engloid themed anthology at The Voc@loid M@ster aka Vom@s, a quarterly Vocaloid convention held in Tokyo & Kanagawa Prefecture.

The Circle is being lead by Tama and 9 other contributors. Full details can be found on this infopage and samples can be viewed in this pixiv album.

If by some miracle one of you is attending the event, look for them at booth F64 and expect it to set you back 800 Yen (roughly $10) for 104 pages of Engloid goodness.

Special thanks to Karlita & sleepysheep for contributing to this report.

[Circle Homepage] [Pixiv Preview] [Event Website]

Update: The doujin has since been released and is now available overseas through AliceBooks. Click here read our continuing coverage.