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VocaTone & VocaloidMaster Release New Yohioloid Demo

Earlier today, Giuseppe-P, in association with VocaloidMaster and VocaTone, released a new demo with our first official look at Yohioloid’s English voicebank. The song is a cover of ‘Bodies’ by Robbie Williams.

In a commentary concerning the demo, Giuseppe states that he felt that Yohioloid had a lot in common with Robbie Williams’ style. He comments that both their voices are very versatile, and that finds the timbre of their voices very lovely.

He goes on to say that Yohioloid has some very similar qualities to Sweet Ann in that they both, when used properly, can be used for almost any kind of song. He states that his initial views changed radically after getting some hands-on time with the voicebank, asserting that it “would be a great Vocaloid”.

Beyond that, Giuseppe comments on some of the technical aspects of the voicebank and its recording process. He shares how difficult it is to record a voicebank, and how some Vocaloid sometimes end with less-than-stellar results because of that.

He adds that Yohio seemed differently-recorded than any Vocaloid he has previously worked with, with samples of better quality than any Vocaloid (English or Japanese) that he has ever worked with before.

Giuseppe goes on to explain some of technical challenges he faced creating this particular demo and how he wanted it to sound as “natural and real as possible” before finally ending his message with the following teaser:

The voicebank is coming soon[™]. There are more demos on their way, with some due as soon as next week, and he can’t wait to see what his fellow Producers do with this amazing Vocaloid.
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Spotlight: Fireflies (Cover)

It seems whenever I am looking to spotlight new video to spotlight Vortex11316 always leaves a Prima present in my inbox.

I am sure we have all seen Fireflies covers before but none quite like this. With its stunning PV, original remixed backing track, and some re-sequenced vocals this is unlike any Fireflies cover I have seen. Prima’s sweeping voice combined with the sweeping NASA visuals paint a really awe inspiring picture.

I wanted it to sound like how a more traditional band might play it, so I changed the instruments from synthesizers to piano, drums, and bass, but kept the string section to fill it out. There are a lot of words and it was a struggle to find the best phonemes and accents for Vocaloid pronunciation. There are still a few odd spots in her voice.

For the video, I thought the lyrics inspired a connection between fireflies and stars, so the video showcases stars, constellations, the zodiac, and a trip around the Earth and through the solar system thanks to NASA images and video clips.

A production note: The background star field is one continuous camera move over a 4000×4000 pixel real star field image. The Earth orbit time-lapse videos were created from the original HD still image sequences available on nasaimages.org.

Thank you Vortex11316 for emailing me. You know what I love myself a powerful Prima performance and you never fail to deliver be it an original or a cover with a twist.

If you have an original that you like or are a producer who would like to share something with our audience my contact details are on the staff page.