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Tips on Americanizing Sweet Ann

Hey guys. I thought I’d write an article for the kolumn with a couple tips for making Sweet Ann sound more intelligible.

Sweet Ann can have a pretty clear voice when she wants to, but her vowel phonemes sound a bit off. I’m honestly not sure if it’s any easier for a native British English listener to understand, but it’s quite certain that she can be improved for an American ear.

Getting it right comes down to trial and error, but most importantly, it’s about listening carefully to how she’s pronouncing things (the same goes for all Engloids, and VOCALOID in general).

There are no hard and fast rules about Americanizing Sweet Ann’s voice, but here’s a few beginner level phoneme-replacement suggestions:
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Spotlight: Through the Night

Always on the lookout for new talent Engloid.Info’s second video spotlight is “Through by KarmaP (karmaka), a relative unknown in the Vocaloid world. With less than 900 total video views, 1 subscriber, and 90 video views on this weeks feature (at the time of posting) definitely check his channel out.

He has written English Originals using Sweet Ann as well as Luka Megurine’s EN voicebank. His music is very well composed, finding inspiration from much of Europe, despite hailing from Hong Kong. This song in particular is based of British Pop and has a driving piano line and silky smooth vocals.

Video Description:

English Britpop style original song featuring vocaloid Sweet Ann.
VST: Truepianos, MusicLab RealGuitar 2L, Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra, Spectrasonics Trilogy Bass, FXpansion BFD2 Drum

All rights of artwork reserved by original artists.

[Video Link] [YouTube Channel] [Wiki Entry]

Sweet Ann in My Ordinary Life

Sweet Ann sings "Helvetica Standard" in the anime Nichijou.

The anime Nichijou, translated “My Ordinary Life”, recently featured the Engloid Sweet Ann prominently in its “bumps”, short video segments separating a show from its commercial break, and backing track.

Outside of LOLA being used in the Paprika Soundtrack by Susumu Hirasawa (which I have issues pinpointing through all the effects) this is probably the most prominent usage of an Engloid in a Japanese Anime yet.

Beyond just featuring Sweet Ann this series has some awesome music. It’s second OP titled “Hyadain no Joujou Yuujou” is by Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada) of NicoNicoDouga fame. If you haven’t already definately check out his NicoNico Tribute Video titled “Me, Myself, and NicoNicoDouga”.

Did I mention the series is quite funny as well?

Watch the anime via Crunchyroll

See an example clip after the break:
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Zero-G or PowerFX: Choosing an Engloid Company to Buy From

So you’re interested in writing your own original Engloid song (or maybe even just a cover), but you don’t know where to start. No problem. Provided you already know a little about music, then the next step is to buy one of the great and powerful English-language VOCALOID voicebanks.

ZeroG or PowerFX

The two main providers of Engloid voices to date are Zero-G Ltd., operating from England, and PowerFX Systems AB, from Sweden. Aside from those two major players, Crypton’s CV03 Megurine Luka software includes an English voicebank (albeit with a Japanese accent).

What this all boils down to is that, provided you are not interested in using Luka’s English voice, you will have to decide between Zero-G and PowerFX sooner or later. Before you go deciding, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

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Feature: Ecapsule Overview – Engloid Redesigns

There seems to have a serious lack of coverage of Ecapsule Co., Ltd., our friends in Taiwan. While other blogs might not care about these Engloid ports and redesigns, ‘Engloid’ is not only our middle name but our first and last name too!

First will take a look at Ecapsule the company, what they did with Sonika, the finally the latest of the Engloid imports with eCapsule Corp’s take on Zero-G’s Prima & Tonio as well as PowerFX’s Big Al & Sweet Ann.

Speaking of Capsule Corp that name makes me think of DBZ

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