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Oliver Demo ‘Dinky Dink’ PV & Reference Sheet

Oliver’s next demo song is a cover of ‘Dinky Dink No Time To Think’ originally sung by Sonika.

A more cheerful and silly Oliver demo~! It even comes with a PV!

Song Title: Dinky Dink No Time To Think
Song/VSQ: Sopop (originally sung by Sonika)
Art/PV: Lawlietlk

Its a bit faster and a bit more upbeat than his previous demos so it should provide a closer look as to the possible pop applications of Oliver as he covers a Sonika song.

Oliver Reference Sheet by lawlietlk

Along with the PV Lawlietlk has been buisy. She has provided potential fan artists with this reference sheet on his design.

In other news the reception to Oliver’s the Scarborough Fair demo was so great Anders went ahead and made a full version.

For those interested be sure to read up on VocaRant’s continuing coverage on Oliver.

VOCALOID3 Oliver Art & Demos Released

VocaTone has released the the official art for PowerFX’s upcoming VOCALOID3 Oliver. The art is accompanied by the two audio demo songs “Circus Monster” and “Scarborough Fair”.

The art is by Lawlietlk and the VSQs were put together by Anders Sodergren himself. You can find the second demo “Circus Monster” at VocatoneOfficial or embedded after the break.

Oliver's Official Art. Click for High Res.

Below are some notes from Lawlietlk’s deviantArt post

The main inspirations for his outfit were the uniforms worn by the Vienna Boys Choir, and the kinds of clothes upper-class boys and men would wear in the late 18th-early 19th century. When I was first put up to the task of designing for Oliver, I was told he was a “classical” type VOCALOID, so naturally I went for a classical design.

The bandages are there for the sake of keeping the whole “monster” theme that PowerFX is known for. Stitches didn’t look quite right, so I went for bandages instead.

Only surprisingly late in development did we realize that our Oliver bore similarities to Oliver Twist. So that was just pure coincidence. 8P

James was referenced from other pictures of goldfinches. There was no reference used for Oliver.

For those interested I have written an opinion piece concerning Oliver on VocaRant.
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Happy Halloween from PowerFX, VocaTone, & Engloids.Info

For some reason Halloween seems to be the favorite holiday of the Vocaloid fandom. As a little gift to their fans PowerFX & VocaTone have collaborated and released this “gift” (I wouldn’t exactly call it a demo) to their fans featuring Sweet Ann, Big Al, and our first real listen to Oliver.

Beyond that we here at Engloids.Info would like to wish you a happy and safe holiday. Our own Koda-P continues his tradition and with yet another Halloween timed/themed release with [VOCALOID Original] Succubus feat. Sweet Ann. Special thanks to Mooncrafter for that simply sexy Sweet Ann art.

AnimeBanzai Recap & VOCALOID3 Oliver Silhouette

AnimeBanzai and its Vocaloid panel have come to a close and despite technical difficulties reports suggest that it was huge success. Unfortunately they didn’t allow recording of the panel itself and none of the Engloids Info staff was able to attend, so we will have to wait for a full write-up when/if a generous attendee/blogger decides to make one at a later date. If you went to the panel and are interested in sharing your experience with our readership feel free to contact me.

Though we weren’t able to get a recording of the panel the event organizers were kind enough to share this video intro that was made for the panel and features a variety of artwork from various sources including illustrations by some of the event staff. It may have Miku vocals in the background but the video itself is not without some Engloid love so I am more than happy to share it with you. Until Miku’s English voicebank is finished this is one of the rare chances we get to see Miku on this site.

For those who were lucky to attend they did play an audio demo of some of Oliver’s songs but the PA system was less than ideal and the speakers kinda/sorta ate all his consonants. Fear not however because according to the VocaTone staff we can expect an online demo “soon” TM

Update: Since the publishing of this article the VocaTone community officers have been authorized to release this video clip which contains the above intro video plus the first couple minutes where the staff introduce themselves and the panel.

Beyond the intro video and audio demo that we weren’t able to get a recording of, probably the most significant piece of info to leak from the previously mentioned AnimeBanzai Vocaloid Panel is the full body silhouette of Oliver’s official art:
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VOCALOID3 Oliver Teaser

Hinted at for a while the first teasing look at PowerFX’s VOCALOID3 nicknamed “Oliver” has been released on VocaloidOtaku.

Details are scarce and there is no demo yet but they did tell us that he was created in conjunction with PowerFX and a new English Vocaloid company called “VocaTone” run by Anders, who you may recognize as the independent Engloid developer/programmer behind some of both PowerFX & Zero-G’s past Vocaloids.

You can get your first look/listen to Oliver at Utah’s AnimeBanzai Convention (Saturday, October 22nd @ 11:00pm) at their Vocaloid panel. Do note they are asking for no video or audio recording during the event but official demos should be online soon afterwards.

More details to come as we wait for the proper channels and their public relation officers confirm what they are authorized to tell us or not.

Update 10/16: The voicebank and art are all aready completed and it is expected to be a young, smooth, and male voice. You can expect more complete details mid-late November when the press information blackout is lifted.

As for the bird/hat featured in the teaser art it is an American Goldfinch and was chose because “It compliments Oliver’s design very nicely” and “to add a little nod to the fact that a lot of Americans worked on this project”. The bird doesn’t have a official name but the VocaTone staff seem receptive for the fans to give him/her one.

Expect a full battery of demos, art, and possibly even an official MMD model as we approach his release. We will keep this site/post updated with more news as it is released.

Yes, it is legit and the thread has been confirmed by Anders himself.

Update 10/26: AnimeBanzai has come and gone. Read our continuing coverage on the events of AnimeBanzai and all the new information on Oliver @ AnimeBanzai Recap & VOCALOID3 Oliver.

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