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English Vocaloid Store Adds Physical Products

The English language version of Bplats/Yamaha’s VocaloidStore has finally added the disk and physical versions of the various Vocaloids to their site. When we last covered VocaloidStore in ‘Vocaloid 3 Full Editor Sale @ English VocaloidStore.com‘ the English Vocaloid Store was a strictly download-only affair with selection limited to the few Vocaloid 3s that had downloadable versions available.

Since they are now listing physical products that also means they are also shipping to select English speaking countries with the US and UK being confirmed, but details hazy on what other countries they are supporting. Keep in mind that all of the prices on the site are based off the (JPY) Japanese Yen and with exchange rates in mind prices for things like the Vocaloid 3 Editor would be more expensive than if you had bought it from PowerFX.

The New Disk Category
PowerFX’s Vocaloid Category

VocaRant: Avanna’s Release Date?

This is a question that has been asked continually over the last month, looking at my Google Analytics alone all of the my top 5 Google search keywords are different combinations of ‘Avanna’ and ‘Release’. As we have no official news from the powers that be I figured I may as well rant and speculate on the topic.

Personally I am placing the blame on squarely on Yamaha, as for their motivations, and how I came to this conclusion, we will go over through the course of this article. Before we begin speculating let us first let us establish what we do, what official statements have been made, and the ‘facts’ of the situation. First we will have a look at Avanna, her artwork redesigns, what progress has been made on her vocals, and then we will look at the past with Oliver’s release last year. Once we have established what we do know, then I will go into my speculation, and the conclusions I have drawn from the situation at hand.

Rant Sections

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Yamaha Launches Official Vocaloid Facebook Page

In a surprising turn of events Yamaha has finally decided to catch up with the times and embrace social media by creating an official VOCALOID Facebook page. They announced plans to make the page a hub of information on Vocaloid and Vocaloid usage including, interviews, guides, events, news, and more.

As of yet the page is still empty, but they do have two English language press releases:

  • In the first they go over what they want to do with the page, what VOCALOID is, and how VOCALOID is the technology that powers Hatsune Miku.
  • In the second they direct fans to their English website, which has been around since April.

Unsurprisingly the Engloids (and the Esploids) are nowhere to be seen. Maybe down the road we can look forward to a special “Overseas Vocaloids” corner in the future.

Official English press releases embedded after the jump.

[Yamaha’s Official Vocaloid Facebook]

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Vocaloid.com Finally Adds Oliver, Sends Him To Corner

As part of our continuing coverage on Yamaha and the English version of Vocaloid.com we have breaking news. As part of their latest round of site updates Yamaha has finally gotten around to adding Oliver into their listings of Vocaloid 3s… just now… 6 months after his initial release.

In less pleasant news it seems Yamaha is continuing the distressing trend of discrimination by relegating the Engloids (and the Esploids, respectively) to a special “Overseas” corner of their website, further propagating the hateful “Us vs Them” attitude that has been dividing Vocaloid fans the world over.

Despite all this it is nice to see finally PowerFX getting proper credit. Preciously, on Vocaloid 2’s 3rd Party Products Page, though the Engloids were listed along their Japanese counterparts, Yamaha had only linked to PowerFX @ Crypton Marketplace and Crypton’s (more expensive) Japanese market product listings.

Thanks to sleepysheep7 for the tip!

Reader Sappokei asks an excellent question. Where is SeeU?
She is listed neither on the main, nor overseas listing, but appears on several info-graphics.

Vocaloid 3 Full Editor Sale @ English VocaloidStore.com

For those Oliver early adopters, people who have bought V3s other separately, or people interested in upgrading their compatible Vocaloid 2s using the new editor’s engine the Download-Only version is now on sale at Bplat’s English VocaloidStore.com.

VOCALOID3 Sale Now On!
We are going to have a special sale of VOCALOID3 for a limited period only.

■ Period for Special sale:
May 18, 2012 ~ June 29, 2012

■ Sale Price:
・VOCALOID3 Editor (Download) /9,800 JPY → 8,000JPY (1,800JPY OFF)

Sale price is just over $100 USD after currency conversion and is 18% (about $25) off its normal price of 9,800 Yen. For those that don’t already know the full version of the Vocaloid 3 Editor must be purchased separately, and allows for the unlimited use of Vocaloid 3 voicebanks without the caps of the “Lite” version. Other advantages include multi-track editing, effects support, plugin jobs, and the ability to import Vocaloid 2 voicebanks into the new rendering engine.

For those of you who prefer physical editions PowerFX has the DVD version of the Vocaloid 3 Editor for $120 with shipping included. You can find Vocaloid 3 Editor (DVD) at the PFX Store and read our previous coverage on the physical edition under “Physical VOCALOID3 Editor & Oliver Combo Bundle DVDs Released“.

[Full VocaloidStore Press Release] (English)
[Vocaloid 3 Editor Product Page] (English)