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Official Vocaloid Website Launched, Almost in English

It’s been seven months since Yamaha redesigned the official vocaloid site adapting for vocaloid3. When that redesigned happened English was left behind, forgotten. After 4 months since the japanese website release, an user from VocaloidOtaku found that an english version of vocaloid.com was under development, calling you a dummy.

Fortunately, they filled the replacement text with actual info and the website is now, almost, in english. Motoichi Tamura announced that now official information from Yamaha will also be provided in english.

If you want to check out the new cool vocaloid website and Mr. Tamura’s official note here it is: Vocaloid Site / Tamura’s announcement

English Vocaloid Official Returns, Calls You a Dummy

English Dummy Website

What ever happened to the good old Lorem Ipsum content placholders?

Its been 4 months since we covered the original’s demise in Yamaha Updates Official Vocaloid Site, Snuffs English Version and finally we got wind of a new English Vocaloid.com in the works.

At the moment it password protected, hidden from the public, and is limited to placeholder, ahem, “dummy” info but it is a good sign of things to come. For those of you who would like a sneak preview of whats in the works I have compiled a composite image.

It is very much in line with the main Vocaloid.com and is very VOCALOID3-centric promoting the various Vocaloid 3s, the full Vocaloid 3 editor, and the English version of VocaloidStore.com that we covered earlier in VOCALOID3 Editor Available for Purchase

Hopefully this time around Yamaha will get around to updating the thing every once in a while. The old one was neglected and hadn’t been updated since 2009. If you want to enjoy a blast to the past I saved a screenshot of the old website.

So here is to the future, to Yamaha, and (hopefully) to their renewed commitment to the English speaking audience and those abroad.

Vocaloid 3 Editor, Yamaha, & SoundsOnline Followup

As a followup to our previous article VOCALOID3 Available for Purchase I got in contact with both SoundsOnline.com and Zero-G to clear up some of the confusion.

Here is the response I got from EastWest SoundsOnline.com:

Here is the real deal. Yamaha developed (or bought) the technology.

Zero-G in England did a deal with Yamaha and made product using this technology. http://www.zero-g.co.uk/

We sell the Zero-G products here in the US. If you want to review this software then you should contact Dom at Zero-G through their website.

Either the people at Yamaha are really bad at English or they are simply that disconnected, but it seems that there was a serious chain of miss-communication that led to much of the fandom being confused and the Vocaloid Wikia to report some wrong information.

When BenHo emailed Yamaha asking whether or not planned to make an English language version of their now JP-only Vocaloid.com site they somehow confused it with a question relating to an EN version of their Vocaloid 3 Editor.

In making their response to BenHo it seems Yamaha’s left hand didn’t know what the right hand was typing about and they mistakenly confused EastWest’s SoundsOnline as an Official Vocaloid distributor, when in fact they were a Zero-G re-distributor.

Said misinformation was posted on some forums, people replied, commented, and tweeted about it, the wiki reported it as ‘news’, followup emails ended up conflicting with initial reports, and overall much confusion was to be had.

While I did end up contacting Zero-G as EastWest suggested, the contents of said email probably warrant an article its own as it contained some juicy details concerning their upcoming Vocaloid 3. Check back soon when that article is posted later today. Tis 6:44 AM and I have yet to sleep.

VOCALOID3 Editor Available for Purchase

It seems Bplats, Inc., under the direction of Yamaha, finally finished the updates to the international version of VocaloidStore.com (English).

Among the products they list is the full version of the VOCALOID3 Editor for digital download. So for those of you with Vocaloid 2 voicebanks and are interested in using the V3 Editor and seeing how it handles your existing Engloids it is available now for $129 USD @ VocaloidStore.com (English).

Beyond just the Vocaloid3 Editor VocaloidStore also lists all of Yamaha’s plugins for the software and a Vocaloid3 Plugin Development Kit for those of you interested in creating your own.

Judging from all the Yamaha badging and the presence of the Yamaha plugin directory it seems Bplat’s VocaloidStore.com will be their official storefront of Yamaha and in the future and Vocaloid.com will be regulated to a purely informational role.

Speaking of Vocaloid.com we are STILL missing the English Version of that site.

Update: Do note that that while VocaloidStore.com does have an English International Webstore, is affiliated with Yamaha, and is their official retailer, it is not the  ‘official’ distributor for North America.

Yamaha USA has ceded those rights to East West’s SoundsOnline.com. We have reached out to East West Communications but there is no word as of yet when and if they will excercise those rights and begin selling the Vocaloid 3 Editor software.

If reports on VO are to be believed even they themselves are unsure on this that matter. As of now VocaloidStore.com seems like the best (and only) place for anyone to get the Vocaloid 3 Editor.

Update 2: The followup article Vocaloid 3 Editor, Yamaha, & SoundsOnline Followup has been posted.

Yamaha Updates Official Vocaloid Site, Snuffs English Version

In a move probably in preperation for Vocaloid 3 Yamaha has updated their official Vocaloid website at Vocaloid.com. Sadly this update was for their Japanese language homepage only. Vocaloid (English) and all the bookmarks to their English language child site are now dead, seemingly lost in transition.

Maybe it is for the best. English Vocaloid.com’s last update was in 2009 with Sonika’s release and has remained largely neglected. As far as Yamaha was concerned Big Al and Tonio didn’t exist. When, and if, the English site ever comes back, hopefully Yamaha will keep up with the Engloids and at least give us the time of day to update it once or twice a year.

Here is to you Yamaha, and Vocaloid 3 which is just around the corner! Don’t forget about the Engloids when it is finally released. I know Zero-G & PowerFX are counting on you for an English version of the editor at least.