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Zero-G Limited, otherwise known simply as Zero-G, is a sampling, sound FX and Vocaloid publisher based out of the UK. Founded in 1990 by Ed &Julie Stratton as a music production and education company they would later release the world’s first ever VOCALOIDs LEON and LOLA on March 3, 2004.

Zero-G Febuary Vocaloid Sale + Oliver DVD Release

Zero-G Vocaloids

All Zero-G Vocaloid 1s & 2s are on Sale this Month

For those that missed it Zero-G kicked off February with massive month-long sale on a lot of their download products, this includes the downloadable versions of all their Vocaloid 1 & 2s. Pricing for their Vocaloid 1s is $49.99 and their Vocaloid 2s are $89.99.

Sonika, Prima, and Tonio are available for at their respective websites:

And LOLA, LEON, & MIRIAM can be found at the new Zero-G Download Shop.

There is still no new news about their upcoming Vocaloid 3 but last I spoke to Zero-G they were hard at work making sure that they are releasing the best product possible.

For those of you concerned about the lack of news, don’t be, you can find out more about why on my sideblog article VocaRant: In Defence of Zero-G.

Oliver's DVD Release

DVD Oliver is priced at $149.00 and comes with with free shipping.

Also for those that missed it Oliver did indeed get his physical release.

This DVD version of Oliver will set you back $149 and will include free shipping to the US & Europe. You can find him at PowerFX.com or by clicking the image above.

Zero-G’s VOCALOID3 & Physical Product Followup

As a part of our our previous article Vocaloid 3 Editor, Yamaha, & SoundsOnline Followup we reached out to Dom Keeffe of Zero-G.

Among the questions we asked him was the possibility of Zero-G making a retail/physical versions of both their VOCALOID3 and the standalone Vocaloid 3 Editor.

We are still in negotiations with Yamaha as to selling the Vocaloid3 editor as a physical DVD here in the UK and abroad and are awaiting to hear further from them. I’ll let you know any news when we have it.

We also asked if Zero-G had any new details to share about their upcoming Vocaloid. Dom informed us that the art are done, the name is undecided, she will have a Celtic-inspired theme, and we can expect more complete details in an official announcement “soon” TM.

Vocaloid 3 Editor, Yamaha, & SoundsOnline Followup

As a followup to our previous article VOCALOID3 Available for Purchase I got in contact with both SoundsOnline.com and Zero-G to clear up some of the confusion.

Here is the response I got from EastWest SoundsOnline.com:

Here is the real deal. Yamaha developed (or bought) the technology.

Zero-G in England did a deal with Yamaha and made product using this technology. http://www.zero-g.co.uk/

We sell the Zero-G products here in the US. If you want to review this software then you should contact Dom at Zero-G through their website.

Either the people at Yamaha are really bad at English or they are simply that disconnected, but it seems that there was a serious chain of miss-communication that led to much of the fandom being confused and the Vocaloid Wikia to report some wrong information.

When BenHo emailed Yamaha asking whether or not planned to make an English language version of their now JP-only Vocaloid.com site they somehow confused it with a question relating to an EN version of their Vocaloid 3 Editor.

In making their response to BenHo it seems Yamaha’s left hand didn’t know what the right hand was typing about and they mistakenly confused EastWest’s SoundsOnline as an Official Vocaloid distributor, when in fact they were a Zero-G re-distributor.

Said misinformation was posted on some forums, people replied, commented, and tweeted about it, the wiki reported it as ‘news’, followup emails ended up conflicting with initial reports, and overall much confusion was to be had.

While I did end up contacting Zero-G as EastWest suggested, the contents of said email probably warrant an article its own as it contained some juicy details concerning their upcoming Vocaloid 3. Check back soon when that article is posted later today. Tis 6:44 AM and I have yet to sleep.

Interview: Lyle Music

Mr. Malcolm Brown, also known as LyleMusic, is a Vocaloid composer like many others here. His works have a celtic touch and he mixes them with technology by using primarily VOCALOID Miriam. What is truly amazing is that, he´s not only that talented, he makes Jazz, Classic and Celtic music and he´s also 61 years old, which makes him the eldest Vocaloid composer we have ever seen or known.

Interview: LyleMusic

In this brief time I spoke to him, Malcolm seems to be a very gentle and helpful man. His interest in music has capture the heart of many people over vocaloid community, here is a bit more about him:

Would you mind telling us a little about yourself?
After a long and enjoyable career at Sea and in business, I retired to a small island off the South Coast of England, called the Isle of Wight. This island is very beautiful, with a slow pace of life that suits me perfectly!

Continue reading to know more about this interesting musician!

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