Engloids.Info is a part blog and part infosite that is dedicated exclusivly to Engloids, the English language voice banks for the Vocaloid voice synthesis software developed by Yamaha. Our purpose is pretty much explained within our mission statement:

Mission Statement: Our goal is to spread the Engloid love. We will not pretend to be impartial and we will have a clear and evident love for all things Engloid. We will share this love with the rest of the world and when it comes to Engloids nothing will be beyond our scope.

We love Engloids. For this purpose we have dedicated an entire website to this love and after visiting this site hopefully you will grow to love them too!

For more info on the technical aspects of this site feel free to check out our Editorial Guidelines and Site Staff Page. If that is not enough feel free to Contact Us.

Our category overview this should help outline the general scope of this blog:

  • News
    News is the home to our general Engloid coverage. We will cover everything from breaking news, analyze growing trends, and cover anything Engloid related.
  • Features
    Features vary but generally they are +500 word articles that special care has been dedicated to. They can range from recaps and overviews to tutorials or interviews.
  • Columns
    The scope of each column is defined by each individual Columnist and may or may not be strictly Engloid related. Think of this section as the personal soapbox for our Contributing Editors.
  • Video Spotlight
    A weekly video spotlight dedicated to Engloid videos where we share the love. These are either new releases from prominent producers or an old classic that needes a bit more attention. Don’t be afraid to browse the archive to find some interesting videos here!
  • Sound Off!
    Both the Off-Topic and OP-ED (Opinion & Editorial) section of this blog these are pieces by our editors that may not fit into the other categories but are some things we felt like writing about.