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Resuming Engloid Coverage, Major Website Update

After a 6 month hiatus as the various staff reoriented themselves between new schedules of school and work we are happy to announce a resumption in Engloid coverage along with a major website update. New features of Engloids.Info v2.0 include a modern responsive design that will scale better on mobile devices and tablets, better organization and navigation, and a generally cleaner look and layout.

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Engloids Blog Recruiting

Engloids Blog is looking for people who are passionate about Engloids and Vocaloid in general. There are a variety of positions available and if you are intersted feel free to contact Hentai via Email, YouTube, or Twitter....

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New Engloids Blog Launches!

Welcome to the New “Engloid’s Blog” now simply known as “Engloids”. We are in not affiliated with the original Engloid’s Blog beyond the topic at hand and our love for Vocaloid, particularly...

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