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Resuming Engloid Coverage, Major Website Update

After a 6 month hiatus as the various staff reoriented themselves between new schedules of school and work we are happy to announce a resumption in Engloid coverage along with a major website update. New features of Engloids.Info v2.0 include a modern responsive design that will scale better on mobile devices and tablets, better organization and navigation, and a generally cleaner look and layout. This update has been in BETA for a while, something we have been working on during the downtime and we welcome any reader feedback.

With this transition we also have to say goodbye to some of our site staff. We always like to say that this site is “powered by passion” and its these people’s passions that has helped us get this far. Sometimes passions need rekindling, sometimes a break, other times a hiatus is just what we need. Hopefully this is not the last we hear of our fellows.

With the departure of some old staff I would like to once again announce that Engloids.Info is recruiting. We are looking for news reporters, regular columnists, and some copy editors to keep the rest of us in check. Check out our previous recruitment post for more details.

An Expansion of Scope: Community, UTAU & Vocal Synthesizers

In the first Editorial post in over a year we would like to officially expand the scope of Engloids.Info.

When we started this blog we wanted to be the best “Engloid” blog on the West. Now, more than a year later, I would like to think we achieved that goal… if only because we never really had any competition.

We started with a simple mission statement and the humble goal of “Spreading the Engloid Love”. Traditionally I have always translated “Engloid” to “English Vocaloid” but this always seemed a bit narrow of a definition. We don’t just love English-language Vocaloid but all English supporting Vocal Synthesizers.

So with this love in mind we are formally expanding our scope to include English-language UTAU and other Vocal Synthesizing technology. We haven’t changed our original mission statement, we are simply spreading the love around, because we love many things, but we love vocal synths most of all.

Beyond this we would also like to not only spread the love ourselves but cover other people in the act of spending it. Expect more Convention, Concert, and Event coverage in the future as we look forward to covering the many evens the English speaking community has to offer.

If you would like to join us in spreading the love. Staff Recruitment is Open once again.
We are looking for news bloggers, regular columnists on related topics, and at least one more editor to keep us all in check.

New Staff, Mission Statement, & Editorial Guidelines

Well the site has been updated and we have take 4 people onto our blog staff. These new additions include Koda-P (kodakami2) & Opera Ghost (GladiatorBros) as Contributing Editors (Columnists) with Myst (UTAUxyz) & Sekai (Skeyi) as Editors.

Some of them are still going through orientation but we are still recruiting Reporters and additional Columnists. For more info and to request an interview check out my previous post.


Beyond adding new members to our team I have also finalized our editorial guidelines including this mission statement:

Mission Statement: Our goal is to spread the Engloid love. We will not pretend to be impartial and we will have a clear and evident love for all things Engloid. We will want to share this love with the rest of the world and when it comes to Engloids nothing will be beyond our scope.

Heart of the matter is we LOVE Engloids and we aren’t even going to attempt to be impartial about it. This is the Engloids blog what else would you expect?


Beyond that you can see our full Editorial Guidelines & Category Overview on its page here.

It may seem like a bit much at first for a “simple blog” but I feel transparency helps both the reader and the editor as it lays out what you can expect from us, and in turn what we should expect from ourselves.

Believe it or not this isn’t me first time as “Senior Editor” for anything. I was Editor-in-Chief of my highschool’s Muse Literary Magazine and I was a managing editor for’s Tribune while they were still around.

Engloids Blog Recruiting

Engloids Blog is looking for people who are passionate about Engloids and Vocaloid in general.

There are a variety of positions available and if you are intersted feel free to contact Hentai via Email, YouTube, or Twitter.

  • Reporter (Associate Editor)
    You are on top of the latest news in the Engloid world and make sure that we have proper coverage. Better late than never our primary goal is maximum coverage so you will make sure we cover it.
  • Columnist (Contributing Editor)
    Are you interested in contributing a semi-regular column here on Engloids Blog? Be it music reviews, Engloid lessons, or simple opinion pieces we can be your soapbox and you can have your own page in the Columns section.
  • Editor (Copy Editor)
    How is your English spelling and grammar? Editors are in charge of making sure all our articles are top quality by double checking any mistakes the rest of us might make. You get to save us from looking like idiots.

Even if you don’t want to joining our blog team you can still contribute by sending any tips or suggestions to

If you are interested in simply making a guest appearance then contact

New Engloids Blog Launches!

Basic "E" Logo

Welcome to the New “Engloid’s Blog” now simply known as “Engloids”.

We are in not affiliated with the original Engloid’s Blog beyond the topic at hand and our love for Vocaloid, particularly Engloids.

The old Engloid’s Blog fell into disrepair with NoNeed4Cosplay/NoNeed4Vocaloid heading off for college and its adopter Tyetyez falling off the face of the earth. Without a caretaker the old blog came to a halt and at the time of posting hasn’t been updated in almost a year.

We hope to continue the tradition of Engloid love that NoNeed4Cosplay started and provide the latest and greatest coverage not only on the Engloids but on the producers, originals, and great work done with them.