As Engloids.Info staff we are people who love Engloids and have dedicated ourselves to spreading the Engloid love. As per our Mission Statement we are “powered by passion” and even if no one read this site, we would still write it.

Hentai AvatarHentai Executive Editor
I am part oldie, part newbie, and in many ways a walking contradiction. My interests include anime, manga, computers, and videogames. I am the voicer of OTAKUNE Weeabo, moderator on UtaForum, and Executive Editor of this site.
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Kodakami AvatarKodakami Contributing Editor
I’m an independent video game musician with a love for VOCALOID music. I’ve written a few Engloid originals, and always have more in the works (though it takes me a while to release them). I own Big Al, Sweet Ann, Oliver, LEON, LOLA and Prima.
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Mini AvatarMini Associate Editor
I’m a regular Vocaloid user who loves music, draming, and wants to help this community grow. I manage, a portuguese language website about Vocaloid. I own Miriam, VY1, Luka, Miki, and Iroha.
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Myst AvatarMyst Copy Editor
I’m an UTAU and Vocaloid user who loves anime, manga, video games, drawing and writing. I’m the lead admin of the UTAforum, I created UTAU XYZ and voiced Kikyuune Aiko. I’ve recently began using Big Al.
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Former Staff

As time goes on passion fades, sometimes it changes to new things, sometimes it comes back. For now let us remember some of the site’s former contributors.

Opera Ghost Avatar Opera Ghost Contributing Editor
aka GladiatorBros, I’m an amateur digital artist and a newbie to VOCALOID and UTAU. I do mostly covers (mostly unreleased) since I feel like I don’t have the skill to create an original, but some day I will! I like all the VOCALOIDs, but the Engloids have a special place in my heart, because I think they deserve more love. I own the VOCALOIDs Tonio, SF-A2 Miki, and Big Al.
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Sekai AvatarSekaiCopy Editor
I am a long time Vocaloid / UTAU fan and user, as well as an artist. I own Hatsune Miku Appends [Solid + Dark currently], Kagamine Rin and Len, Megurine Luka [JPN + ENG] and Hiyama Kiyoteru. Don’t feel shy about contacting me.
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