Yohio Vocaloid’s Art & Voice Samples Leak

Yohoiloid Leaks

Before we begin let this be clear. Everything in the following news post are ‘leaked’ and come from un-official sources. After further investigation the Engloids.Info staff felt that the news was to groundbreaking as not to make public. So thus we share it with you under the caveat that everything you see and hear below are subject to change, as a public debut of Yohioloid has not yet been made.

For the uninformed “Yohioloid” is the upcoming Vocaloid from VocaTone/PowerFX said to be voiced by the Swedish born Kevin Johio Lucas Rehn Eires, but performing under the stage name ‘YOHIO’. The upcoming voice-bank is expected to be a bi-lingual with support for both English and Japanese. You can view our previous coverage on Yohioloid’s announcement at VocaTone/PowerFX’s Upcoming Bilingual Vocaloid Announed.

The Artwork

The Leaked Yohioloid Art

The Leaked Yohioloid Art

The above artwork is something that has been floating around the internet last couple of days after PowerFX released Sartika Nurhasanah as the winner as the winner of the Yohioloid design/art competition they were hosting. Officially VocaTone & PowerFX have declined to comment on its veracity but the leaked artwork does resemble Sartika’s known style in many ways.

The art is still unconfirmed, likely for good reason. If we look back to Avanna and VocaRant: Avanna’s Release Date? and AkiGancy’s Dev Diary we know that it is Yamaha, not PowerFX, that has the final say on all design decisions. So Yohio himself may, or may not have chosen the art above, but at the end of the day it is Yamaha that decides what Yohioloid will look like, and has final veto power on all aspects of the design.

The Vocal Sample

The above Vocal sample’s source is a bit more ambiguous. The above sample was sent to Engloids.Info anonymously as a sendfile link to a ‘yohioloid.mp3’ via our Contact Us page’s web form with no other information, and non-functioning response address.

Due to the nature of how we received the sample we cannot provide any extra details, and can’t be certain of its authenticity and official sources are declining to comment. That being said the sample does not resemble any existing Vocaloids, does not seem to be powered by an UTAU resampler, nor something that has been auto-tuned.

If this is well and truly a sample of Yohioloid… or maybe an elaborate hoax listen and draw your own conclusions. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts below.

Subject to Change

Even if all of the leaked assets above are legit, we here at Engloids.Info believe them to be, otherwise we would never have blogged about them it is important to remember that EVERYTHING is subject to change. Early samples non-demo of previous voice-banks have shown that a Vocaloid can undergo significant vocal and art changes before it is released.

Likewise as we covered in the art section Yamaha has final approval on all matters concerning the Vocaloid 3s. Yamaha has elected to take a hands-on approach to Engloid development and has been known to order significant changes to otherwise completed voicebanks and artwork, causing delays in their public releases.

These very well may be the official art and demos, or they may not be, but either way they will remain unofficial until Yamaha gives them their final stamp of approval. Today the public gets a look at something I am not sure we were supposed to see or hear.

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