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Thoughts on “Mirai no Neiro -The Sound of the Future-” Panel @ AX 2014

Its a bit delayed but welcome to the first of Engloids.Info’s recap coverage of AnimeExpo 2014. First up is a VocaRant article where Executive Editor ‘Hentai’ shares his thoughts on “Mirai no Neiro -The Sound of the Future-” AnimeExpo’s annual Vocaloid panel hosted by D.P.H. (Delusion Production House)

For those unfamiliar with Mirai no Neiro’s basic format it consists of a host/translator along with a panel of 3-5 Vocaloid producers who each take turns introducing themselves, sharing a bit of their work (often a PV something new), and a segment where each producer either gives some background in the production of that particular song or Vocaloid in general.

This year’s panel of producer included the likes of buzzG, KagomeP, sunzriver, UtataP & WataameP. While they all had a lot of interesting things to share, KagomeP and UtataP in particular thanks to their relatively high English proficiency and great stories, what really stood out to me were the segments by the Illustrator WOGURA and MMD Producer MasatakaP.

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VocaRant: A Voclaoid in My Hand, 3D Volumetric Holographic Printing

Browsing Kickstarter for fun, something I have started doing after Kickstarting The BIG ALbum with Koda-P, I cam across an interesting Kickstarter project. Inspired by a book on Holography they had read as a kid a pair of entrepreneur inventors have developed a technique they are calling “Volumetric 3D Printing”.

Unlike traditional 3D printing which involves extruding plastic into shapes and forming 3D objects, theirs involves printing on to plastic slides an image, these slides are held together by machine oil and a special case, and a holographic 3D image can be found within them as they are put side by side, as seen in the GIF above.

Their rewards tier involve a treasure trove of “curiosities” trapped in plastic, but at the higher tiers you can have them 3D print an object of your own design and send it to you. All I can think of is having my own holographic virtual diva right in the palm of my hand. Sure $99 is a bit much to pay for a paperweight but sacrifices must be made FOR SCIENCE!

Kistarter video embedded after the jump…
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VocaRant: Avanna’s Release Date?

This is a question that has been asked continually over the last month, looking at my Google Analytics alone all of the my top 5 Google search keywords are different combinations of ‘Avanna’ and ‘Release’. As we have no official news from the powers that be I figured I may as well rant and speculate on the topic.

Personally I am placing the blame on squarely on Yamaha, as for their motivations, and how I came to this conclusion, we will go over through the course of this article. Before we begin speculating let us first let us establish what we do, what official statements have been made, and the ‘facts’ of the situation. First we will have a look at Avanna, her artwork redesigns, what progress has been made on her vocals, and then we will look at the past with Oliver’s release last year. Once we have established what we do know, then I will go into my speculation, and the conclusions I have drawn from the situation at hand.

Rant Sections

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VocaRant: Avanna’s Upcoming Release

I have been following the Avanna discussion on VocaloidOtaku for quite a while and have wanted to blog about her upcoming release. This isn’t really news, more speculation and educated guessing, so I can’t post it on the main blog, so instead I post it to my (not so new) VocaRant column/sideblog and share my thoughts on the matter with you.

With Avanna’s release right around the corner, many people have become impatient, some even doubting if Avanna is going to release at all. I can say, with almost 100% certainly that Avanna is going to happen, things have been in motion too long to stop now. Its the dates and details where things begin to get murky.

Zero-G has suffered many technical difficulties in Avanna’s development, what they were specifically, your guess is as good as mine, but as long as nothing has changed (and I don’t think they have) they told us to prepare for a ‘Summer’ release date.

While the informal end of Summer is Labor Day, the actual end of Summer this year is September 20th, because September 21st is the first day of fall. So with that date in mind, I fully expect final details to begin rolling in sometime within the next 2 weeks, with the actual release following shortly in the fall, some time before Christmas.

This sort of Big Al Syndrome should be nothing new to Engloid fans, neither should a rapid info release schedule soon after those technical difficulties are overcome. If you don’t recall Oliver’s release and his many delays, the actual release took many by surprise as the date was not revealed untill the day before, not even a full 24 hours, he was set to go on sale.

I fully expect that if is releasing it will come by surprise, in a great wave of activity, a gigantic dump of information, and a physical edition & bundles some months later. I see her release as a great dam, now that the normally tight-lipped Zero-G is finally opening up we can finally see cracks in its great surface and feel the pressure building up.

She may, or may not, make that September 20th not-deadline, but I am willing to bet she will be coming out sooner, rather than later…

If you want to know more you can track all our previous coverage on the “Avanna” site tag.