Mission Statement: Our goal is to spread the Engloid love. We will not pretend to be impartial and we will have a clear and evident love for all things Engloid. We will want to share this love with the rest of the world and when it comes to Engloids nothing will be beyond our scope.

Transparency is the rule of ethical blogging so for you know what to expect from us the staff, editors, and contributors and what we expect of ourselves here are some general editorial guidelines that this blog pledges to follow.

  1. Be Yourself!
    First and foremost be yourself and write in whatever style you prefer. No one wants to read a blog with a bunch of “phonies”. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind (as long as it relates to the topic at hand)
  2. Be Creative
    Contributors should feel free to design and layout their posts as they see fit. We encourage at least one piece of media be it images, audio, or video. If you don’t know how to embed ask one of the senior staff.
  3. Acknowledge Sources
    If you heard the quoting or paraphrasing news from a forum post or another site (not counting original research) then cite it at the end of the post. When using images off of pixiv, DA, etc. please use the capation options and include links to source material where possible.
  4. Use Inclusive Language
    Do not use terms or language that excludes or discriminates against any group or section of the community. Posts should be gender neutral and non-racist in tone, and show respect for people who are disabled, older, younger of from other language backgrounds.
  5. Write nicely.
    This is the internet: who know who will be reading your work. As such, all contributions should be well structured with careful attention to grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation. Please proof read your work and double check your tags before submitting a post.

Categorical Overview

Next you should know what to expect from each of our categories and this should help outline the general scope of this blog:

  • News
    News is the home to our general Engloid coverage. We will cover everything from breaking news, analyze growing trends, and cover anything Engloid related.
  • Features
    Features vary but generally they are +500 word articles that special care has been dedicated to. They can range from recaps and overviews to tutorials or interviews.
  • Columns
    The scope of each column is defined by each individual Columnist and may or may not be strictly Engloid related. Think of this section as the personal soapbox for our Contributing Editors.
  • Video Spotlight
    A weekly video spotlight dedicated to Engloid videos where we share the love. These are either new releases from prominent producers or an old classic that needes a bit more attention. Don’t be afraid to browse the archive to find some interesting videos here!
  • Sound Off!
    Both the Off-Topic and OP-ED (Opinion & Editorial) section of this blog these are pieces by our editors that may not fit into the other categories but are some things we felt like writing about.