HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2021 Online Kickstarter Final 24 Hours

We are in the final 24 hours of the MikuExpo 2021 Online Kickstarter. At 58 million JPY of its 25 million goal, it is more than 200% funded with 3,341 backers at the time of writing. It was reached all of its stretch goals and has expanded the concert from its initially planned 10 songs to 16. Pledges start at $10 for enroll credits and VIP newsletter subscription.

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VocaSphere: Overview of DTM Station Plus! on Synthesizer V & AHS

Our friends at VocaSphere have some great coverage on the upcoming SynthV releases as well as an English language recap of the recent DTM Station Plus! Episode 155 with guest Tomohide Ogata, President & CEO of AHS. In the webcast they cover AHS’s new products including their upcoming Synth V releases and why they chose Synth V over Vocaloid. Definitely check it out:

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Vocaloid 5 2nd Anniversary Sale: ~15% Off For July 2020

For the rest of July 2020 Yamaha is offering ~15% off Vocaloid 5 Editor, Vocaloid 5 Editor Premium, Vocaloid 5 UPGRADE Licences, and Vocaloid 5 + Voicebank Bundles.

This brings Vocaloid 5 down to $192 for Standard and $306 for Premium. With additional discounts, if you have purchased Vocaloid 3 or Vocaloid 4 Editors in the form of Upgrade Licences. The Premium Upgrade is $180 for returning customers during the sale.

A reminder that the main difference between Standard and Premium is that Premium includes 4 additional, higher quality, voicebanks including CYBER SONGMAN II and CYBER DIVA II.

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