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SeeU English Update + Vocal Source Performing in English

With questions about SeeU on the English Voclaoid.com still freash on the mind and a certain Engloids.Info editor working on an original featuring her, we decided to take another look at SeeU and how her upcoming English voice-bank is doing. According to SBS Artech’s Official SeeU Twitter they began recording the EN samples began as far back as late February [source] and judging by one of our reader’s attempt at “The Kit Kat Challenge“, we can’t wait for full English support.

Kit Kat Bar by Lucas Banh

As if we weren’t excited enough user Yuno of VocaloidOtaku found this clip of SeeU’s vocal source, 17 year old Dahee Kim (김다희) of the K-pop girl band “GLAM”, performing “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys as part of a larger TV segment and interview of MTV Korea where Dahee meeting a vocaloid producer and an utaite and they talk about SeeU’s voice.

We here at Engloids.Info can’t wait to see what else is in store for English SeeU! Special thanks to everyone in the SeeU English Thread on VocaloidOtaku for helping contribute to this report.

SBS Artech Reveals English SeeU Plans

In a Q&A session on the official website SBS Artech fielded a question regarded SeeU’s English capability and highlighted their plans for a full English voicebank before the year’s end.

The fan wrote in asking why an English voicebank wasn’t included with SeeU’s when early reports stated she was planned to be tri-lingual with Japanese, Korean, and English as the planned languages. Then the fan then mentioned specific examples including an early demo of Shining Star which featured English, some aspects of which not possible with release SeeU.

The questions were fielded by SBS Artech’s Vocaloid development manager who went on to explain how they had planned to include English, but due to time restraints they weren’t able to. He went on to highlight how they included some sounds such as /f/,/z/, and /v/, which are unpronounceable in Korean, as a sort of stopgap measure so that SeeU would have at least limited English with her release. He also directed the questioner to the forums where there was an unofficial guide on how to use the Korean inputs to help achive passable English.

At the end of his response he went on to highlight that the English SeeU is still in development and was never completely scrapped, just delayed, and even revealed a tentative timeframe of “within this year”. He went on to explain that they wanted a full and complete English voicebank, of the highest quality possible, and how that was the cause of the delays.

He then ended the article thanking the person for their question and their continued interest in Vocaloid & SeeU, hoping that the fandom would continued to make more awesome songs featuring their products.

Its nice to see that SBS Artech is taking their English voicebank so seriously.

From the way the development manager phrased his response he emphasized how important the English language is to them and how it was something they weren’t willing to rush out, and how dedicated SBS Artech is in making sure they released quality.

Hopefully English SeeU’s actual English is more than just ‘passable’ and is something English natives can enjoy. No word yet as to if this English voicebank would be an expansion of her existing capabilities or if this will be a separate purchase, targeting westerners specifically.

For those interested in reading more on these developments you can visit the news thread on VocaloidOtaku or read the complete transcript after the jump below.
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