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Zero-G’s Vocaloid 3 Avanna Official Artwork

In likely the first of many such info-dumps Zero-G has authorized EmpathP (Aki Glancy) to give us our first look at Vocaloid 3 Avanna’s official artwork. This combined with the audio preview from yesterday VocaNoIro NekoCon Producers Panel Avanna Preview the public now has their first look at what Vocaloid 3 Avanna will both look and sound like.

Along with including the art, EmpathP has included a little dev diary giving us a look into how exactly Avanna came to be. There are a bunch of interesting factoids included in this dev diary including how EmpathP got the job, some of the revisions they made, and the reveal that Avanna’s may be of Irish descent, thus prompting the ‘Celtic’ theme.

Probably most interesting of all was the insight in how Yamaha has input in all of their sub-licencer’s VOCALOID production. Yamaha expressed concerns “that Zero-G’s approved design was not “Anime” styled enough” and requested Avanna be redesigned into a “cuter, modern anime style”, maybe in an attempt to grab that ‘moe’ appeal that is oh, so popular these days.

A ‘Mock’ Boxart Image of Vocaloid 3 Avanna

Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Color Scheme: Green, Gold, and Blue
Age: 18
Ethnicity: Irish
Artist’s assumed height: 5’6”
Artist’s assumed weight: 156 lbs

The full art is included after the jump. EmpathP’s full report at deviantArt, and see the artwork release post over at VocaloidOtaku. Our previous coverage can be found under the ‘Avanna‘ tag.

[Aki Glancy’s Dev Diary]
[Avanna Artwork Release]

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Yamaha Launches Official Vocaloid Facebook Page

In a surprising turn of events Yamaha has finally decided to catch up with the times and embrace social media by creating an official VOCALOID Facebook page. They announced plans to make the page a hub of information on Vocaloid and Vocaloid usage including, interviews, guides, events, news, and more.

As of yet the page is still empty, but they do have two English language press releases:

  • In the first they go over what they want to do with the page, what VOCALOID is, and how VOCALOID is the technology that powers Hatsune Miku.
  • In the second they direct fans to their English website, which has been around since April.

Unsurprisingly the Engloids (and the Esploids) are nowhere to be seen. Maybe down the road we can look forward to a special “Overseas Vocaloids” corner in the future.

Official English press releases embedded after the jump.

[Yamaha’s Official Vocaloid Facebook]

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Vocaloid.com Finally Adds Oliver, Sends Him To Corner

As part of our continuing coverage on Yamaha and the English version of Vocaloid.com we have breaking news. As part of their latest round of site updates Yamaha has finally gotten around to adding Oliver into their listings of Vocaloid 3s… just now… 6 months after his initial release.

In less pleasant news it seems Yamaha is continuing the distressing trend of discrimination by relegating the Engloids (and the Esploids, respectively) to a special “Overseas” corner of their website, further propagating the hateful “Us vs Them” attitude that has been dividing Vocaloid fans the world over.

Despite all this it is nice to see finally PowerFX getting proper credit. Preciously, on Vocaloid 2’s 3rd Party Products Page, though the Engloids were listed along their Japanese counterparts, Yamaha had only linked to PowerFX @ Crypton Marketplace and Crypton’s (more expensive) Japanese market product listings.

Thanks to sleepysheep7 for the tip!

Reader Sappokei asks an excellent question. Where is SeeU?
She is listed neither on the main, nor overseas listing, but appears on several info-graphics.

Official Vocaloid Website Launched, Almost in English

It’s been seven months since Yamaha redesigned the official vocaloid site adapting for vocaloid3. When that redesigned happened English was left behind, forgotten. After 4 months since the japanese website release, an user from VocaloidOtaku found that an english version of vocaloid.com was under development, calling you a dummy.

Fortunately, they filled the replacement text with actual info and the website is now, almost, in english. Motoichi Tamura announced that now official information from Yamaha will also be provided in english.

If you want to check out the new cool vocaloid website and Mr. Tamura’s official note here it is: Vocaloid Site / Tamura’s announcement

English Vocaloid Official Returns, Calls You a Dummy

English Dummy Website

What ever happened to the good old Lorem Ipsum content placholders?

Its been 4 months since we covered the original’s demise in Yamaha Updates Official Vocaloid Site, Snuffs English Version and finally we got wind of a new English Vocaloid.com in the works.

At the moment it password protected, hidden from the public, and is limited to placeholder, ahem, “dummy” info but it is a good sign of things to come. For those of you who would like a sneak preview of whats in the works I have compiled a composite image.

It is very much in line with the main Vocaloid.com and is very VOCALOID3-centric promoting the various Vocaloid 3s, the full Vocaloid 3 editor, and the English version of VocaloidStore.com that we covered earlier in VOCALOID3 Editor Available for Purchase

Hopefully this time around Yamaha will get around to updating the thing every once in a while. The old one was neglected and hadn’t been updated since 2009. If you want to enjoy a blast to the past I saved a screenshot of the old website.

So here is to the future, to Yamaha, and (hopefully) to their renewed commitment to the English speaking audience and those abroad.