Vocaloid 5 2nd Anniversary Sale: ~15% Off For July 2020

Vocaloid 5 2nd Anniversary Sale: ~15% Off For July 2020

For the rest of July 2020 Yamaha is offering ~15% off Vocaloid 5 Editor, Vocaloid 5 Editor Premium, Vocaloid 5 UPGRADE Licences, and Vocaloid 5 + Voicebank Bundles.

This brings Vocaloid 5 down to $192 for Standard and $306 for Premium. With additional discounts, if you have purchased Vocaloid 3 or Vocaloid 4 Editors in the form of Upgrade Licences. The Premium Upgrade is $180 for returning customers during the sale.

A reminder that the main difference between Standard and Premium is that Premium includes 4 additional, higher quality, voicebanks including CYBER SONGMAN II and CYBER DIVA II.

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