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Vocaloid 5 2nd Anniversary Sale: ~15% Off For July 2020

For the rest of July 2020 Yamaha is offering ~15% off Vocaloid 5 Editor, Vocaloid 5 Editor Premium, Vocaloid 5 UPGRADE Licences, and Vocaloid 5 + Voicebank Bundles.

This brings Vocaloid 5 down to $192 for Standard and $306 for Premium. With additional discounts, if you have purchased Vocaloid 3 or Vocaloid 4 Editors in the form of Upgrade Licences. The Premium Upgrade is $180 for returning customers during the sale.

A reminder that the main difference between Standard and Premium is that Premium includes 4 additional, higher quality, voicebanks including CYBER SONGMAN II and CYBER DIVA II.

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CYBER-series Product Discontinuation & Relaunch of Vocaloid.com

Yamaha has big things planned for Vocaloid.com. Specifics have yet to be revealed but one of the few things announced was the promotional sale, and coming discontinuation of many of their Vocaloid4 products, including, but not limited to their Engloids CYBER DIVA, CYBER SONGMAN, Megpoid English, and all their respective Starter Packs.

Products to be Discontinued

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VOCALOID4 & Cyber Diva Available, English VocaloidStore Updates

With VOCALOID 4 being available in Japan since mid December and with stable release V4 v4.1.0 rolling out earlier last week Bplats, Inc. and Yamaha have finally added VOCALOID4 to the English VocaloidStore. Along with adding the full VOCALOID4 editor they also included half price discount downloads for anyone that bought the full version of VOCALOID3. Other products added to the English capable Cyber Diva and normal/upgrade versions of VY1V4.

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Yamaha Introduces “American” Vocaloid 4 Cyber Diva

Yamaha opens 2015 by launching this spash page where they introduce United States based female Vocaloid 4. Named “Cyber Diva” Yamaha claims she will will have an American English accent, powerful long tones, smooth vocalization, compatible with many genres, and to be powered by the latest in VOCALOID technologies. Hit the jump to see the demo embeds as well as details on Yamaha’s Vocaloid 4 Editor.

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