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Kodakami’s ‘The BIG ALbum’ Released


The BIG ALbum, an album several of us here at Engloids.Info have contributed to, is finally available for download. We had previously covered this album in ‘Kodakami Debuts Vocaloid Album Featuring Big Al where Koda’s Kickstarter went on to gross 119% of its funding goal.

Below is a crossfade demo of the album’s contents. If you view it with annotations enabled it becomes interactive allowing you to skip forward and backward between tracks along with selecting specific ones you would like to listen to.

Downloads are available for FREE via Bandcamp’s pay-what-you-want distribution platform. Beyond digital downloads physical editions are available for preorder and include extras like a CD bonus track and special edition USB drives.

To claim you FREE download simply visit Kodakami’s Bandcamp, click [Buy Now] on the Digital Album, set your price to $0.00, and enter the email you would like your now free download sent to. If you like the album consider preordering the physical edition.

Additional information in the links below.

[Album @ Kodakami.com]
[Bandcamp Download]
[Physical CD Preorder]

Kodakami Debuts Vocaloid Album Featuring Big Al

Kodakami, Vocaloid producer and Koda’s Kolumn Editor here at Engloids.Info, has just announced his first album. Titled “The BIG ALbum” as the name would suggest, the album is set to feature completely new, never before heard tracks, all starring Big Al. While not the first Engloids only album, it is the first to focus on Big Al exclusively.

The album will be available to the public, with free digital downloads on December 22nd, 2012, the anniversary of Big Al’s release. Beyond the digital downloads to be available through his website a physical edition complete with jewel case and 8-panel insert booklet has also planned.

To fund this physical edition a Kickstarter has been started with pre-orders of the album are available for as low as $10 with free domestic shipping, and flat-rate international shipping to those that back the project.

You can see Koda’s full pitch on the Kickstarter Video where he goes into detail but the short of it is he talks a bit about himself, displays a short informational clip on what Vocaloid is, and answers a couple questions on what the goal of the Kickstarter. He is hoping to pre-sell and raise enough money to fund a full production run of physical CDs for the album.

If you stick around till the end of the video he also includes a preview of the album with the song “If I’d Known (Woah Woe)”. If you don’t want to watch the whole video, or just want to hear it again, the preview track is embedded after the break.

Additional information in the links below.

[Kodakami Official Website]
[The BIG ALbum Kickstarter]
[Album Release Thread @ VO]

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The English Test (aka the “Kit Kat Challenge”)

With all the existing English-Language Vocal-Synthesis Voicebanks, and new ones on the horizon, it’s sometimes hard draw a line between which are “Engloids” and which are “Engroids”.

Luckily for us, some people got together and decided to create an English Test for Voicebanks and figure out whcih ones can ‘passably’ sing English.

We like to call it the “Kit Kat Challenge”.

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Big Al’s Big Article

This article is the first in a series written to provide you, the reader, with all the information you need to know about each English VOCALOID voice. All the information in this article is either from the Internet or, as is more often the case, from the opinion of the author. If you find any incorrect information, please tell us by leaving a comment and we will correct it as soon as possible.

  • Who’s Big Al?
Big Al is the mascot character representing the second VOCALOID voicebank released by PowerFX Systems AB. It was designed to be used with VOCALOID2, but it is theoretically compatible with the VOCALOID3 engine as well. He is also the fourth English-language-only VOCALOID2 voicebank.
Big Al was originally designed for release in 2007 or early 2008, but after scheduling conflicts between original voice-provider Michael King and PowerFX, they was forced to re-record the bank with new voice-provider Frank Sanderson.
  • What makes Big Al different?

There are usually two things that a first-time listener to Big Al will notice immediately.

The first is his undeniably masculine voice. Prior to Big Al’s release there were only three male VOCALOID2 voices, two of which capitalized on their higher, more feminine vocals, while the third had been released less than two weeks prior. When compared to these other voices, Big Al’s voice comes more or less as a shock (though many had been prepared by earlier demos with his first voice-provider). It is both naturally deeper than his Japanese counterparts’, and in addition, harder and rougher. Overall, it has an immediate impression of masculinity.

The second thing one might notice about Big Al is his American accent. While most English VOCALOID voices have a neutral or British English accent, Big Al’s is the first to have phonemes recorded so as to sound American in origin (while this was by choice or happenstance is unclear). This accented bank is one of the things that makes Big Al’s voice very unique among the Engloids. While it can be counted as both a blessing and a curse, it is a major point of definition for Big Al in either case.

  • What kind of voice does Big Al have?

Big Al’s voice can be described as “bassy”, meaning it has a lot of bass-frequency sound to it. This means that he has a booming voice which is, more often than not, in need of equalization to make manageable. While these bass tones are what give him his masculine sound, they are sometimes also a contributing factor to his difficulty to understand when coupled with a backing track.

Despite the extra bass in his voice, Big Al’s most natural ranges are actually not that low. In fact, as his voice goes lower, it reaches a threshold where it begins to develop a raspy quality (around C2 for many phonemes). This rasp is, like his accent, either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you intend to use Big Al’s voice.

  • What makes Big Al difficult?

Because Big Al’s accent is, at the moment, unique, he has a few phonemes which are notorious for being difficult, or just different.
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Happy Halloween from PowerFX, VocaTone, & Engloids.Info

For some reason Halloween seems to be the favorite holiday of the Vocaloid fandom. As a little gift to their fans PowerFX & VocaTone have collaborated and released this “gift” (I wouldn’t exactly call it a demo) to their fans featuring Sweet Ann, Big Al, and our first real listen to Oliver.

Beyond that we here at Engloids.Info would like to wish you a happy and safe holiday. Our own Koda-P continues his tradition and with yet another Halloween timed/themed release with [VOCALOID Original] Succubus feat. Sweet Ann. Special thanks to Mooncrafter for that simply sexy Sweet Ann art.