UTAU Retrospective Retrospective: Recapping Our UTAU Panel at ALA2020

UTAU Retrospective Retrospective: Recapping Our UTAU Panel at ALA2020

This is our fourth panel at Anime Los Angeles but this may have been our most successful yet. Success being a subjective metric because 2018’s Hatsune Miku Retrospective had a larger crowd +120 participants versus the +40 of this year. With UTAU being a smaller niche (how can they compare to the #1 princess in the whole wide world?) the smaller crowd was expected but I think what stood out to me was the enthusiasm of the said crowd.

The crowd groaned waved glowsticks as songs played, mouthed along to the songs they recognized, groaned when popular tracks were edited for time, and cheered in the medley section when a song or UTAU they recognized showed up on the screen. I consider the 2020 panel a success because it had the most enthused crowd of any panel we have hosted. Audience participation was +80% for most slides, by far the best interactivity we have had yet.

There were some hiccups, the audio skipping for a moment, video player being on the wrong monitor, but overall I am very happy with how the overall presentation went. Koda-P, Agatechlo, and I had great chemistry, the extra prep I did in pre-edited all the video clips helped us make excellent time and end exactly on schedule. The lessons learned from the Miku panel really helped us make the most of the time we had available.

Shoutouts to all of you who told me your favorite UTAU song of the decade up to claim your UTAU School and Wish I Was Hatsune Miku ribbons I have away. As promised all the panel materials are linked & embedded below. Included is a Google Slides version of our PowerPoint presentation and the archived version of our research spreadsheet, including our presentation notes.


Slideshow was updated for screenshot images to link to YouTube & Nico source files.

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