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VocaTone Launches Site, Hints At Upcoming Vocaloids

In a surprise bit of news VocaNode quietly launched their new site VocaTone.net. Key features includes ‘Oliver Watch’, a VocaNode Crawler, which lists all VocaNode videos featuring Oliver.

Content wise it is a bit sparse on content but provides some interesting hints at what is to come including a “Competitions” tab with nothing but the text ‘Coming soon!’ on the page.

Clearly VocaTone has something planned, but as to what it is specifically only time can tell. Beyond these cryptic messages on VocaTone Official the following was left by company representative Anders Sodergren on the VO announcement thread:

The VocaloidOtaku post hinting at what is to come

It doesn’t really tell us much but it does give a hint at the Vocaloid production process with VocaTone having at least 2 Vocaloids in the pipeline. It may be two separate Vocaloids or it may be a male/female pair, but the latter is just pure speculation on my part. Specific details are still pending with the only details being the 9 words above.

Don’t expect any details soon, but do know that they have more in the pipeline. Expect more detailed coverage as it breaks, for now we will have to be content that more are on their way.

Zero-G Febuary Vocaloid Sale + Oliver DVD Release

Zero-G Vocaloids

All Zero-G Vocaloid 1s & 2s are on Sale this Month

For those that missed it Zero-G kicked off February with massive month-long sale on a lot of their download products, this includes the downloadable versions of all their Vocaloid 1 & 2s. Pricing for their Vocaloid 1s is $49.99 and their Vocaloid 2s are $89.99.

Sonika, Prima, and Tonio are available for at their respective websites:

And LOLA, LEON, & MIRIAM can be found at the new Zero-G Download Shop.

There is still no new news about their upcoming Vocaloid 3 but last I spoke to Zero-G they were hard at work making sure that they are releasing the best product possible.

For those of you concerned about the lack of news, don’t be, you can find out more about why on my sideblog article VocaRant: In Defence of Zero-G.

Oliver's DVD Release

DVD Oliver is priced at $149.00 and comes with with free shipping.

Also for those that missed it Oliver did indeed get his physical release.

This DVD version of Oliver will set you back $149 and will include free shipping to the US & Europe. You can find him at PowerFX.com or by clicking the image above.

Vocaloid3 Oliver Released! Rise and Shine Oliver

Rise and Shine, Oliver, Your Public Awaits!

After months of waiting the most anticipated Engloid ever to be released is finally out. As a thank you for all their avid fans PowerFX & VocaTone have coupon codes for VocaloidOtaku members. If you have an account, you can find it in your private message inbox!

Oliver is available from PowerFX at these locations:
Digital Download – $129 | €99 | £95
Retail Boxed* – $149 | €125 | £109
* – will be available mid-January

Note that these prices are for the Oliver voicebank and “Lite” editor only. If you want the fully featured V3 editor you must purchase it separately from Yamaha. For those of you who already have the full V3 editor be sure to grab the update to v3.0.3.0 that was released yesterday.

The main difference between the “Lite” and “Full” editor is that the Lite version is limited to 1 track of 17 bars for MIDI import, and reverb as the only vocal effect.

Beyond that I don’t think there is much more I can add. It seems Koda has flown away with someone but when he gets back expect a Koda’s Kolumn entry concerning him and VocaRant coverage from me as songs are released for him.

Oliver Release Tomorrow (Discounts Apply)

Oliver Discounts Available

Oliver will be released tomorrow. VO members can claim a special discount!

In a surprise thread on VocaloidOtaku.net, VocaTone CEO Anders has officially announced that Oliver will be released on December 21st, 2011. That’s tomorrow, people! In addition, the administration of VocaloidOtaku will be sending offer codes to all members which can be redeemed for a 25% discount off the retail price. For those people who wish to take advantage of this offer, please check your Private Message inbox or register on VocaloidOtaku.net.

The retail price for Oliver download is: $129, €99, £95.
And for the “boxed version”: $149, €125, £109.


Keep in mind that this price tag is before the 25% VocaloidOtaku member discount (which amounts to approximately $96.75). Details for where the purchace can be made are not given, but it can be assumed that tomorrow will hold that news.

As can be expected, Oliver will come with a stripped down version of the VOCALOID3 editor, with a full version available from Yamaha directly, and hopefully from PowerFX/VocaTone as well.

Update: Coupon codes should be in your PM page. The offer is valid until January 31, 2012.

For those who missed it here is a hint: [This RGB Color]

Vocaloid3 Oliver “Coming Very Soon!” & New Demos

Coming Very Soon

Hey all, Myst reporting for once in lieu of Hentai!

After a short lull, VocaTone has surprised us with some new demos posted to their official Youtube channel in the last couple of days, along with the teasing promise that “Oliver is coming soon!” added to the description of each one. How soon? We’re not yet quite sure — but based on VocaTone’s reaction, it’s safe to say that those who have him on their Christmas lists won’t be disappointed!

The first demo, an arrangement of Dvořák’s “Going Home,” was intended to show Oliver’s performance in the ranges and style of a traditional boy choir singer.

The second, a cover of Western Vocaloid producer Puffihn’s “Lonely Flight,” was created to demonstrate Oliver’s lower ranges in contrast to “Going Home.”


More information is surely soon to come!

And as always, to follow the Executive Editor’s opinion on Oliver’s developments, be sure to check out VocaRant!

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