Interview: neutrinoP

Interview: neutrinoP

Following our coverage on Fan Group Seeks to Crowdfund Convention Concert we reached out to neutrinoP for an interview both for a bit of insight on English Gumi, the SRP Kickstarter, and more on Vocaloid music production.


Thanks for taking the time to talk with us here at Engloids.Info. For the those that don’t already know you from our EN Gumi coverage (link) would you mind introducing yourself?

Of course! I’m a former professional stage pianist. I am Romanian. Due to my paralysis, I had to quit that life more than 17 years ago. VOCALOID is my new life, a new way of expressing my feelings, a new way of sharing my own experiences with the whole world. And like a well known VOCALOID artist said too (which is pure coincidence that we are thinking the same!): “VOCALOID saved my life!” , and not just once!

Wow, that is a really empowering story. First, I have to ask, since it seems to be tradition here at Engloids.Info. Is there a story behind your name?

Yes, it is. As stage pianist, you are not always on stage, mostly below the stage. Only the singers are up there (except few representation where the entire orchestra is on stage too). So the audience hears the orchestra, but is not visible, and that means the piano too. And knowing about the newly discovered particle at that time, and comparing this to the particle itself, it sounds similar: you can’t see it, but you know is there! So… here is why my artist name! But the producer title came later, after I debuted with many covers I made for practice and also with my first original VOCALOID song. That’s how the “P” got attached to my artist name.

I mentioned before that you had worked with EN Gumi, how did that demo come about?

Well, it’s a long story, and I will tell only the important things. Despite my addiction to ALL Vocaloid, that means I love them all, I have a special … let’s say attraction, to GUMI. After I discovered the capabilities of this special voice to metamorphose in many other languages (including Romanian), I became addicted to it. Of course, many of my songs have started to be made using this voice, so I befriended with the creator of GUMI, Mr. Murakami, who also supported me a lot! And I have to thank him for giving me the chance to create the official DEMO song of English GUMI voice bank.

The song is simple, clean, and it’s my “Thank you” message to all VOCALOID community of producers and fans, the creators of VOCALOID, everyone, since VOCALOID gave me the second chance to life!

neutrinoP’s Latest Gumi Work


Beyond just our Gumi coverage I think we have also covered some of the work you did together with Tempo-P as Vocalekt Visions. What’s it like as a producer to have your music played in concert?

I can tell, it feels great! I would love to be able to contribute to many Vocaloid concert creation, in which I can not just use my own songs, or well known other producers’ songs, but also to promote less known producers too! And there are so many talented people out there, the VOCALOID community is blessed with pure and natural musical talent, which you can’t find it in the so called mainstream media.

Tell me a bit more about how you create your Vocaloid music, and what instruments or programs are you using for that?

Mainly because I have this “pride” to show everyone that I can overcome my paralysis, I keep on recording myself playing the keyboard I’m using: is a YAMAHA DGX 505 with grade hammer keys (natural piano feeling), and I’m recording everything in Audition3 program. Occasionally, borrowing a guitar from a friend, but even the guitars are mostly played on that keyboard when a real guitar is not available. It takes a lot of patience, to obtain the desired sound and playing style, but the result is always a pleasure to listen to.

Also, because I’m having a lot of trouble to find my words, and because I’m expressing myself better in sounds than in words, I need to collaborate with creators for lyrics, which explains why I’m so opened for collaborating with people all around the world.

I have to agree, the Vocaloid community has many talented producers from all kinds of backgrounds. Do you have a favorite producer? Maybe one or two you would like to give a shoutout to?

I can tell, my favorite among all, and also a very good friend too, is Mitchie_M. I’m seeing myself blessed knowing him, and being able to communicate with him, while promoting all his songs in every events I’m involved. His music brings me true happiness!

Another one, very well known for his trancy beats, is Utata-P, and I can name more, like EmpathP (who collaborates now with me in the Synthesized Reality Production fan based concert creation group, and I’m proud of her!), Kentai-P (I love his “out of this world” feel of the songs he creates)

Aha, Synthesized Reality Productions I don’t believe I have heard of them before. What is Synthesized Reality Production and what do you have planned?

Synthesized Reality Production (SRP) is made from few members that were previously active in Vocalekt Visions. The one that “owns” the group is Wolf Neve, he is a professional stage sound engineer, and musician too. Not just that he was the one that made awesome sounds on the Vocalekt Visions’ concert on stage, but he also collaborates with me in the Citizen 16 band (we two are Citizen 16, and industrial music genre band). And because VOCALOID is the music of the future, and we have so much in common, we decided to continue the legacy of Vocalekt Visions concert creation. And the group grew really fast, having now notorious names like EmpathP, Apparatus, Ruchii-P, YamiSweet, and many more, and we are planning to create many VOCALOID concerts starting this end of the year. The main focus for our debut is Pacific Media Expo 2013.

But also, because is a fan based group, we need a lot of support from the community. Mainly, because we are keen to follow the rules of the VOCALOID creator companies by all means, which also grants us permissions to use their characters (permissions obtained at high levels for each concert/event individually, and … I am the one responsible with this aspect), and also, we need to start from scratch! So we made the kickstarter project, which, if it succeeds, will help us to get the projector and the camera we want to use (the camera is for live streaming purposes too!)

We will definitely include some coverage on your pending Kickstarter. Beyond your work with SRP is there anything else we have to look forward to from you in the near future?

Besides SRP, I hope that soon, me and Tempo-P will start again to create songs (I wish him all the best btw! He has still to overcome the hassle of changing locations, after he had to move to Austin, TX, where I can see that we could also form a nucleus of a new Vocalekt Visions concert creation team too). Also, I am planning to create not just independently, but to start lots of other collaborations with many people interested. That way, I can tell in my songs not just my own stories, but the stories of other people that can be heard all over the world. And again, the main “thank you” for this goes to VOCALOID! which has the power to gather a lot of people together under the same “umbrella” of feelings! And of course, more songs! Still so many stories are waiting to be told. So, expect also new singles and maybe a new album to be featured on VOCALOTRACKS!

Thank you for your time and this interview. Best of luck on the Kickstarter I am sure we will have more coverage on that in the future. Relevant links will be included below.

It was my pleasure! Thank you too!

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