Engloid Doujinshi Anthology at THE VOC@LOID M@STER 17

Doujin Circle “いんぐろいど” is set to release an Engloid themed anthology at The Voc@loid M@ster aka Vom@s, a quarterly Vocaloid convention held in Tokyo & Kanagawa Prefecture.

The Circle is being lead by Tama and 9 other contributors. Full details can be found on this infopage and samples can be viewed in this pixiv album.

If by some miracle one of you is attending the event, look for them at booth F64 and expect it to set you back 800 Yen (roughly $10) for 104 pages of Engloid goodness.

Special thanks to Karlita & sleepysheep for contributing to this report.

[Circle Homepage] [Pixiv Preview] [Event Website]

Update: The doujin has since been released and is now available overseas through AliceBooks. Click here read our continuing coverage.

  • Kodakami

    Woo! I’m so excited to see something like this! Is it bad that the first things I noticed are the mistakes in the logo though? Sonika’s “l0:” should be just “l0” and Prima and Tonio should be saying “OI”. Also, I would think Big Al would want to be saying “d” or at least a Japanized “d @U”, but VOCALOID2 won’t recognize “d0:”.

    • Kodakami

      Also, that would make them all say “eenguloid” or “eenguloido”. I wonder where I can contact this project and thell them that “I N g l OI d” or “e N g l OI d” are the proper phonemes…

      • Kodakami

        There. Sent an email I hope they can read. Now I’ve said my peace so I can stop spamming the comments page. ^^;

  • sleepysheep7

    DO WANT!!! I know I would be willing to pay double that if someone could ship it to me.

  • sleepysheep7

    My gut is also telling me that 91 may show up in this doujin as well


  • Kodakami

    生ハムばなな = “life/student” ham bananaちぱ = chipa

  • Emfrbl

    If this ever sells intentional… I’ll fork out the money for it…

  • Pavel Vu

    i WANT THIS so much!!! daaamn! i want to support them! QAQ

  • Probably the biggest thing to happen to the Engloid fandom in a while.