Vocaloid-Creativity Launches VocaNode Video Sharing Site

The people of Vocaloid-Creativity, a Vocaloid (and UTAU) producer community, have launched a new video and media sharing hub for Vocaloid and UTAU related videos, music, vlogs, and more.

The site doesn’t actually host the videos themselves, but instead is a database of YouTube and other media embeds, allowing its users to comment, link, favorite, and add videos to their playlists, and in many ways operates like a much more fully featured MikuBook.

That is about where the similarities end however. Instead featuring the Crypton-loids almost exclusively1 VocaNode is open to all Vocaloid and UTAU. Likewise rather than simply being a 3rd party posting videos, VocaNode requires that all videos added to the site to have been created by that user, and provides a unique channel of interacting with and discovering new producers.

Note 1 – MikuBook is owned and operated by Crpyon Future Media, Inc.

Additional features of this new site include:

  • A Live Ranking of all the videos on the site, compiled every 30 minutes.
  • Specific, easily searchable categories for originals, covers, art, and more.
  • A live chat where you can talk with other producers and fellow fans.
  • The VCC support network that are helping populate the video-help section.

For those interested you can visit the site at Vocano.de and can find the YouTube trailer embedded after the break.

[VocaNode Official Website]

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