Spotlight: Winner Takes It All (Cover)

Producer Alberto has a full writeup on the challenges of producing this cover.

This month’s feature was sent in by reader Alberto, staff at, and pupil of MasterVocaloid (Giuseppe) whom we have interviewed in past.

I hope you enjoy listening to the song. In my opinion one of the best work done with Sweet Ann to date, as also recognized Giusepp, which has been patient enough to endure my level of perfectionism, answering my questions and helping me to correct errors which, by their experience, have overlooked.

Alberto’s cover of ABBA’s ‘Winner Takes It All’ is an interesting study of phonemes and pronunciation as exampled by the producer’s full writeup about the song which chronicles the nuances of language, the challenges of Vocaloid, all from the prospective of a non-native English speaker.

[View Video on YouTube]
[Song Write-up on VocaloidMaster]

Note: The article is in Spanish but a Google Translate widget is included in the sidebar.

  • sleepysheep7

    ah this is why whenever I do a cover with vocaloid I myself will sing it first so I can hear all the weirdness that is the American english tongue. like how we pronounce your sometimes as “chor” and it as “id” for some reason the further southwest you go in the US the worst those two words become. but then if you stay in the east you get “coffee” as “coughfe”.

    • Blancanegra

      You are right, there is a big difference between the formal and coloquial pronounciation. Sing the song first by yourself is a great idea to notice the phoneme changes you do when sing. I also use a nice tip: singing in “bullet time” to determine each phoneme durations!