Vocaloid3 Oliver Released! Rise and Shine Oliver

Rise and Shine, Oliver, Your Public Awaits!

After months of waiting the most anticipated Engloid ever to be released is finally out. As a thank you for all their avid fans PowerFX & VocaTone have coupon codes for VocaloidOtaku members. If you have an account, you can find it in your private message inbox!

Oliver is available from PowerFX at these locations:
Digital Download – $129 | €99 | £95
Retail Boxed* – $149 | €125 | £109
* – will be available mid-January

Note that these prices are for the Oliver voicebank and “Lite” editor only. If you want the fully featured V3 editor you must purchase it separately from Yamaha. For those of you who already have the full V3 editor be sure to grab the update to v3.0.3.0 that was released yesterday.

The main difference between the “Lite” and “Full” editor is that the Lite version is limited to 1 track of 17 bars for MIDI import, and reverb as the only vocal effect.

Beyond that I don’t think there is much more I can add. It seems Koda has flown away with someone but when he gets back expect a Koda’s Kolumn entry concerning him and VocaRant coverage from me as songs are released for him.

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