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Zero-G Limited, otherwise known simply as Zero-G, is a sampling, sound FX and Vocaloid publisher based out of the UK. Founded in 1990 by Ed &Julie Stratton as a music production and education company they would later release the world’s first ever VOCALOIDs LEON and LOLA on March 3, 2004.

Additional Details on Vocaloid 3 Avanna

In an email response to Vocaloid-Creativity user Xeyuzio, Dom Keeffe of Zero-G revealed additional details on their upcoming Vocaloid 3 ‘Avanna’.

They re-affirmed their commitment to releasing her soon saying she is “almost finished” along with additional details about the kind of voice they are hoping for saying she would be “more pop and dance than our other Vocaloids but with a Celtic twist”

You can find the full email quoted after the break.

[Full Email @ Vocaloid-Creativity]

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Celtic-loid Name Revealed to be “Avanna”

In an email response to XeyOiz of Vocaloidism, Dom Keeffe of Zero-G revealed the name of their upcoming Vocaloid 3 to be “Avanna”. He had no further details to report but the release date is expected to be ‘soon’™.

This corroborates our previous report Zero-G’s Celtic Vocaloid Coming Sooner Than You Expect where Dom revealed that their Vocaloid 3 had run into unexpected technical difficulties, but they were hoping to release her before summer’s end.

Additional details are pending but you can read the full email on Vocaloidism’s Avanna Reveal. You can track all of our previous and our continuing coverage on the new “Avanna” site tag.

Zero-G’s Summer’s End Sale

August marks the end of Zero-G’s annual summer sale. For those that didn’t pick anything up when we first reported it now is your chance. Zero-G is wrapping up the end of their Summer Sale with additional discounts.

The Vocaloid 2s Sonika, Prima, Tonio are available for $69.99/£44. For those interested in some of the original VOCALOIODs LEON, LOLA, and MIRIAM can be found at Zero-G’s Download Store for $39.99. These prices represent some of their lowest prices to date! If you have been looking to buy a Vocaloid now is your chance.

These deals end August 31st.
[Vocaloid @ Zero-G Download]

Zero-G’s Summer Sale

Its that time of the year again! Zero-G has begun their annual Summer Sale where you can get 25% off all VOCALOID1s in the Zero-G Download Store but also discounts on Sonika, Tonio, and Prima at each of their respective websites for just under $100:

Its not just VOCLAOID either, Zero-G has many other sample libraries and instruments on sale, for up to 50% off! Be sure to check them out! Sale should last till the end of June.

[Zero G Download Shop]