.Moe Registry Operator to Host “Idoloid” Vocaloid & UTAU Contest

Interlink Co., Ltd., the registry operator for the “.moe” gTLD generic top-level domain is hosting an “Idoloid” contest for UTAU & Vocaloid voicebanks. With a grand prize of 200,000 JPY (approx $1,850 USD) and five runner up prizes of 10,000 JPY (approx $90 USD) the contest challenges users to create music for Moe-tan the domain registry’s mascot.

Interlink has provided three sets of pre-written lyrics for entrants to write their music around with Lyric A being titled “0.2mm no kyoukaisen”, Lyric B as “dot moe”, and the shortest Lyric C being “rairuto nijito moerusekai”. The full lyrics can be found in rĊmaji here and in the original Japanese here.

The bottom of the lyric page also includes a prompt asking for “music to make the entire world dance to moe“. It also notes that the contest is “open to anyone regardless of age, sex, country of residence, professionals, amateurs”. The contest is set to run from October 1st to November 30th with the results being announced on December 5, 2014.

An important thing of note is that all entries must be made with either a Vocaloid, UTAU, or other similar synthesizer vocal.

For the full details, including contest terms & conditions and instructions on how to enter please visit the full contest page. You can find out more about Project Idoloid @ Idoloid.moe.

  • Though the grand prize will likely go to someone Japanese considering the amount of effort Interlink put into the English version of the contest page I expect at least a couple of the runnerup prizes to go to foreigners. If you are not entering for the money it might be worth it for the notoriety.

    • anon

      So is she like an utau or some independent project or what?

  • Ecchi

    Prize winner unconditionally agrees that the copyright of the work will belong to Interlink and gives Interlink the irrevocable permission to use, reproduce, publish, display, transmit copy, amend, store, sell and sub-license the work worldwide for promotional purposes and for the purposes of the Contest.


    • That is usually how these contests work, especially ones done as part of a PR campaign. The winning song would be of limited utility to Interlink if they couldn’t use said song as they saw fit.

  • adfada

    Wonder how many ppl entered. Guess we’ll find out Friday. Although it’d be slightly amusing if there was only like one entry and they won by default.