English Vocaloid Store Closing At End of March

English Vocaloid Store Closing At End of March

In an announcement earlier this week Bplats, Inc. has announced the official closing of the English version of the Vocaloid Store. The last day to make any orders will be March 23rd, with the entire store closing March 25, 2016 @ 6 PM (Japanese Standard Time). Download all your Job Plugins and pick up your Vocaloid 3 Downloads while they are still available!

The writing has been on the wall since last May when the Japanese version of Vocaloid Store was shuttered and the Yamaha operated Vocaloid NET was launched. As Vocaloid NET was a Japanese-only portal Bplats, Inc.was allowed to continue operating the English version of Vocaloid Store.

With the upcoming closure of there is no word yet for Yamaha if English support is going to be added to Vocaloid NET or where westerners are supposed to get their Job Plugins and voicebank downloads.

Notice of VOCALOID STORE Closing


Thank you very much for your continued patronage of VOCALOID STORE.



Unfortunately, “VOCALOID STORE” will close at 6 PM on March 25 (Fri), 2016 (Japanese standard time). We will also conclude membership services for “VOCALOID STORE” at the same time.Personal information previously received from our customers will be deleted. Please inquire with the company indicated below if you wish to check or otherwise inquire regarding your purchase history and other similar information.


For inquiries: Bplats, Inc.

The following describes the schedule until the store closing.


  • 5 PM, March 23 (Wed): End reception of new orders.
  • 3 PM, March 25 (Fri): End product shipment and reception of inquires

We’re extremely grateful for the continued patronage we’ve received from many customers for a long time from our opening until now.

In the future, you can still purchase downloadable products from “VOCALOID SHOP”, the official shop operated by Yamaha Corporation.

We hope you continue to enjoy VOCALOID products.

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