VocaTone Launches Site, Hints At Upcoming Vocaloids

In a surprise bit of news VocaNode quietly launched their new site VocaTone.net. Key features includes ‘Oliver Watch’, a VocaNode Crawler, which lists all VocaNode videos featuring Oliver.

Content wise it is a bit sparse on content but provides some interesting hints at what is to come including a “Competitions” tab with nothing but the text ‘Coming soon!’ on the page.

Clearly VocaTone has something planned, but as to what it is specifically only time can tell. Beyond these cryptic messages on VocaTone Official the following was left by company representative Anders Sodergren on the VO announcement thread:

The VocaloidOtaku post hinting at what is to come

It doesn’t really tell us much but it does give a hint at the Vocaloid production process with VocaTone having at least 2 Vocaloids in the pipeline. It may be two separate Vocaloids or it may be a male/female pair, but the latter is just pure speculation on my part. Specific details are still pending with the only details being the 9 words above.

Don’t expect any details soon, but do know that they have more in the pipeline. Expect more detailed coverage as it breaks, for now we will have to be content that more are on their way.

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