Zero-G’s Lowest Prices EVER!

Zero-G’s Vocaloid sale continues into August with an additional 10% off their July discounted prices. With the additional 10% off these are now the lowest prices that their Vocaloids have ever been!

Sonika, Prima, and Tonio are available for $79.99/£56 at their respective websites:

Leon, Lola, and Miriam are available here and are still $55.99 but now come with a $25 discount coupon for your next Zero-G purchase.

You can always keep saving for Vocaloid 3, likely the reason for this sale, but the editor should be backward compatible with all Vocaloid 2s. This sale should be good for the rest of August.

  • Mini

    But Sonika is market as U$89 not 79.
    And I bought Miriam and didn´t get my coupon discount T:

    • Heh they adjusted it after the additional publicity… or maybe they realized how weak the Dollar has been. I double checked before posting so it was accurate when I posted it, but seems to have changed since then.

      As for you coupon when did you order Miriam? The product page says it can take up to 24 hours to be delivered.

      • Mini

        I’ve mailed Zero-G they forgot my coupon, now I have it.

  • sad… Now it’s $99.99 and I still don’t buy any VOCALOID =C My dad’s procrastinating to buy it ù.u