Engloids.Info Staff is Back from Anime Los Angeles 2012

Engloids.Info Staff is Back from Anime Los Angeles 2012

Hello English Vocal Synthesis world! Kodakami here, and I’m freshly back from the Anime LA 2012 convention, where I was able to make it to two VOCALOID panels, one of which I was graciously invited to attend as a special guest! I believe Hentai is going to be covering the latter panel in more detail than I can, but I’m just here to mention it in passing as a teaser.

I had the honor of meeting some awesome people in this blossoming Western VOCALOID community including Tempo-P of Vocalekt Visions, OperaGhost from here at Engloids.Info and DeviantART, and 39DIYMMDConcert who, among a few others, has made it his personal mission to put the technology necessary for a VOCALOID concert into the hands of the common fan. Everyone I ran into was so fun and helpful, which gives me hope for the future of Engloids, as well as the Western VOCALOID community as a whole!

Look forward to a full article dedicated to the panel in the next day or two. As for me, I believe I have an English UTAU original to get back to.

Happy sequencing!

  • Mini

    you met OG? Seriously? This is awesome! Cant wait for the full article.

    • Kodakami

      She’s a sweet girl. Hentai and I had a fun time hanging out with her and her brother.

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