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Artist Spotlight on… NamahamuBanana

Big Al as the Dancing Samurai

O.G. here~

I’ll start filling this here Art Pot (that has kind of just been sitting here, with no purpose… *sobbu*) with artists who help contribute to the Engloid community; both Western and Eastern.

So we’ll start with a Biggie (see what I did there?) and showcase… 生ハムばなな aka Namahamu Banana.

He’s most known for drawing Big Al and is probably most famous for his contribution to Big Al’s version of Dancing Samurai

[BIG-AL, Gakupo] \”DANCING☆SAMURAI ~branch Ham Handed Traveler\”

Here are a few pics by him:
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Spotlight: Fr@cture

When I found this classified under the Vocaloid “Crowning Music of Awesome” @ TvTropes I knew this just had to be our next feature.

Done in an Electronic style and marked by its driving beats, haunting vocals, clear rythm, and one hell of a catchy hook this song represents MsConstantine’s first real attempt an an Original Song. She is relativly new to making music, is looking to improve and is requesting some feedback/constructive criticism. Drop her a line on the video page or the various links at the end of the post.

Ok, so this was my first real attempt at an original song. I was going for a techno-ish feel, as that’s the genre I’m most comfortable starting out in. I tried to make a song that would fit Big Al’s vocal range well, so I hope it turned out ok. I’m completely new and untrained to actual music, so this was kind of a shot in the dark for me. I really want to improve and keep making music, so please tell me what areas I can improve in. Also, as you may have noticed, I’ve disabled the thumbs up and thumbs down on this because I really, really want feedback. If you hate it, please at least leave a comment to tell me why, and what I can do to fix it in the future. I really appreciate all constructive criticism, and I value your opinions, so please let me know what you think. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this! It really took a lot of work!

Nico: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm14730534

Here’s the MP3 if you want it: http://www.4shared.com/audio/UHpz6DSv/Frcture.html

VSQ: http://www.4shared.com/file/wNnvYuid/Frcture.html
Please post your version as a video response so that I can see it

[Video Link] [YouTube Channel] [VO Profile]

New Engloid Boxart for the Taiwan Distribution

E-Capsule, the corporation responsible for the distribution for the English Vocaloid in Taiwan, redesigned all English Vocaloid2 today. The boxarts of the upcoming release were showed to us together with a profile for each English Vocaloid. Now each Vocaloid has an ‘official’ profile along with Sonika. For more info on their redesign check out our previous E-Capsule Overview.

Here are the new box arts. Feel free to click them for the full profile.

Or read the translated versions after the jump.

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Engloids in Crypton Marketplace

Crypton made ‘new’ boxart based off the original Engloid designs for their Japanese retail release.

Crypton made ‘new’ boxart based off the original Engloid designs for their Japanese physical release.

Previously we had a feature on Ecapsule & Their Redesigns and the old Engloids blog took a look at Sonika’s Mandarin release. So other companies reselling Engloids in their respective regions is hardly anything new.

That being said the fact that Crypton is reselling the Engloids as “Virtual Instruments” in the Crypton Marketplace along with providing a fancy physical DVDs and boxes is news to me. I know I only recently found out when browsing Vocaloid.com’s 3rd Party Vocaloid 2 Listing and found them linking to Crypton Market pages.

They are priced at 19,950¥ or roughly $260. A bit expensive compared to the digital downloads available direct from PowerFX/Zero-G but about on par with many retail box releases of other Vocaloid 2s. I am unsure if like Sonika in Mandarin they come with additional native language usage materials but they are stamped onto physical DVDs.

The designs are the same as the PowerFX & Zero-G but the 3d renditions of the retail boxes are something new. Check them out for yourself at Crypton’s website following the links below.

[Vocaloid 2 Engine Listing] [PowerFX Company Page] [Zero-G Company Page]

Engloid Doujinshi Anthology at THE VOC@LOID M@STER 17

Doujin Circle “いんぐろいど” is set to release an Engloid themed anthology at The Voc@loid M@ster aka Vom@s, a quarterly Vocaloid convention held in Tokyo & Kanagawa Prefecture.

The Circle is being lead by Tama and 9 other contributors. Full details can be found on this infopage and samples can be viewed in this pixiv album.

If by some miracle one of you is attending the event, look for them at booth F64 and expect it to set you back 800 Yen (roughly $10) for 104 pages of Engloid goodness.

Special thanks to Karlita & sleepysheep for contributing to this report.

[Circle Homepage] [Pixiv Preview] [Event Website]

Update: The doujin has since been released and is now available overseas through AliceBooks. Click here read our continuing coverage.

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