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Engloids in Crypton Marketplace

Crypton made ‘new’ boxart based off the original Engloid designs for their Japanese retail release.

Crypton made ‘new’ boxart based off the original Engloid designs for their Japanese physical release.

Previously we had a feature on Ecapsule & Their Redesigns and the old Engloids blog took a look at Sonika’s Mandarin release. So other companies reselling Engloids in their respective regions is hardly anything new.

That being said the fact that Crypton is reselling the Engloids as “Virtual Instruments” in the Crypton Marketplace along with providing a fancy physical DVDs and boxes is news to me. I know I only recently found out when browsing Vocaloid.com’s 3rd Party Vocaloid 2 Listing and found them linking to Crypton Market pages.

They are priced at 19,950¥ or roughly $260. A bit expensive compared to the digital downloads available direct from PowerFX/Zero-G but about on par with many retail box releases of other Vocaloid 2s. I am unsure if like Sonika in Mandarin they come with additional native language usage materials but they are stamped onto physical DVDs.

The designs are the same as the PowerFX & Zero-G but the 3d renditions of the retail boxes are something new. Check them out for yourself at Crypton’s website following the links below.

[Vocaloid 2 Engine Listing] [PowerFX Company Page] [Zero-G Company Page]

Engloid Doujinshi Anthology at THE VOC@LOID M@STER 17

Doujin Circle “いんぐろいど” is set to release an Engloid themed anthology at The Voc@loid M@ster aka Vom@s, a quarterly Vocaloid convention held in Tokyo & Kanagawa Prefecture.

The Circle is being lead by Tama and 9 other contributors. Full details can be found on this infopage and samples can be viewed in this pixiv album.

If by some miracle one of you is attending the event, look for them at booth F64 and expect it to set you back 800 Yen (roughly $10) for 104 pages of Engloid goodness.

Special thanks to Karlita & sleepysheep for contributing to this report.

[Circle Homepage] [Pixiv Preview] [Event Website]

Update: The doujin has since been released and is now available overseas through AliceBooks. Click here read our continuing coverage.

Spotlight: Headline Love

Our next spotlight is by none other than our own Koda-P.

After the recent Miku concert at AnimeExpo Koda worked a month straight complete this original featuring both Big Al and Sweet Ann.

It is quite different than your typical Vocaloid song and seems to carry a high-energy rush of paparazzi & breaking news with a pinch of that Hollywood magic thanks to Myst’s excellent art.

For a song with so much energy, the lyrics are quite grim. It tells the story of a woman who marries a man for his money but in the end it isn’t enough and she ends up robbing a bank and crashing to her death in a grim scene that is laced with irony.

Hello again, world! This is my newest original VOCALOID release, finally finished on the inspiration derrived from AX2011. Turn on Closed Captions for subs, and as always, thank you very much for listening! If you’d like to dub/cover/translate/reupload to Niconico, feel free to do so, just let me know with a YouTube message.

If you like what you hear, subscribe to me or anyone else who helped with this video. Credits below.

Song: Headline Love
Singers: Sweet Ann and Big Al
Music and Lyrics by: Koda-P/Kodakami (me)
Eight-bar guitar solo by: MaserBeam
Song Art by: Myst Saphyr

Song MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?63w4fj3vszxpv6u
Off-vocal MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?728mw42z7zq90sk

If you recognize that live guitar, that is because it is none other than MaserBeam who also made an appearance in ResoNation Collab’s Speechless.

[Video Link] [YouTube Channel] [Wiki Entry]

Interview: MasterVocaloid/Giuseppe

Hello to you, I´m a new contributor, I actually subscribed here as a columnist, but I believe this worths the post. Yesterday I’ve spoken to someone I believe you all already know.

Giuseppe interview

José Lastras, also known as MasterVocaloid or Giuseppe, is an amateur musician and, I dare say, the best producer western VOCALOID fans have seen so far. Three months ago Giuseppe apparently left the fandom without further announcement. Many questions were left unanswered and lots of fans were sad about his sudden leave.

In this brief interview, José spoke about his work with VOCALOID, his relationship with the fandom, the reason why he erased his blog and he also reveals to us one more Spanish voicebank that remained unknown until this interview.

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Elementary Mixing Tips for VOCALOID Vocals

Time for another kolumn article. My boss (a certain lover of hentai) says I gotta write at least something about mixing down VOCALOID vocals. You know, so the average Western Joe has something to reference when trying to making their originals sound as professional as possible. I hope this quick and dirty crash-course will help inspire you to go out and make your VOCALOID music sound just as good as all those Japanese producers do, with all their audio-technological black magic and whatever they pull to get so good! ^^

Okay. The first step is to define “mixing”. The technical definition can get pretty intimidating, but we’re gonna make things easy for this guide by defining it as “making the vocals (VOCALOID) and the backing track (your off-vocal music) sound good, but distinguishable from one another”.

While it’s easily possible and many VOCALOID Producers have gotten multi-hundred-thousand-view songs despite doing it (see Yugami-P’s Alice Human Sacrifice), it’s not the best choice to slap on the vocals and crank up the volume. After VOCALOID spits out a WAV file for you, it’s your job to take care of a few things before you can call your song “well-mixed”:

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Let’s begin with a quick definition and Compression!

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